Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Camille Harp

Hey friends!

Here's the goin's ons!  Short and sweet! :)

Friday 10/22....Classic's in OKC with Ryan Dorman. 10pm

Saturday 10/23....Libby's in Goldsby with the band.  9pm

Good times!  Come join us!  Forward this to your friends!

OH!...AND for you folks who want an early/smokeless environment...Next Friday 10/29, I'll be playing at JJ's Alley, downstairs, from 6:30-9:30!  I may even use this as an excuse to dress up for Halloween again!  Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Susan Herndon

It's been awhile...
So, I'll say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Happy Fall.
Hope this finds you super bien.
On this end, just back from Austin
and there's a new album,
produced by Lloyd Maines and Bob Livingston
and myself, called, All Fall Down 
We'll be releasing it in this new year, but
If you're interested, send me your orders!
I have advanced copies just for you :-)
Hope to see you soon.
... in fact, TONIGHT!...
a special return engagement at Rick's Cafe Americain in Tulsa...
You come, too.
(all locations Tulsa and Oklahoma, unless otherwise noted...)
Tuesday, 5 October:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Friday, 8 October:  The Iguana Cafe/Tahlequah
Saturday, 9 October:  Private Party/Pryor
Monday, 11 October:  Monthly Musicale...
Tuesday, 12 October:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Friday, 15 October:  All Soul's Acoustic Coffeehouse
Saturday, 16 Ocotber:  The Back Room/Great Bend, Kansas
Tuesday, 19 October:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Tuesday, 26 October:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Friday, 29 October:  Private Party/Carthage, Texas
Friday, 5 November:  The Blue Door/Oklahoma City
Saturday, 6 November:  Frank & Lola's/Bartlesville
Sunday, 14 November:  Madison Avenue House Concert
Sunday, 21 November:  Fred's Texas Cafe/Ft Worth, Texas
Rick's Cafe Americain.  (31st and Harvard, Tulsa.)  Tuesday, 5, 12, 19, 26 October, 6:30 pm.  Home away from home... here's lookin' at you, kid. 
The Iguana Cafe.  (500 North Muskogee Ave, Tahlequah.)  Friday, 8 October, 7:30 pm.
All sorts of lizards are welcome.  The talented Joe Mack'll be there to do some jammin' along too.
All Soul's Acoustic Coffeehouse.  (2952 South Peoria, Tulsa.)  Friday, 15 October, 7 pm.
Opening for Todd Snider.  I heard it's sold out, but we might be able to sneak you in by way of the guitar case...
The Back Room.  (2006 Forest, Great Bend, Kansas.)  Saturday, 16 October, 7 pm. 
Yeah, that's right, sounds shady... but, maybe if we prove ourselves we'll be playing in the front room next time around.
The Blue Door.  (2805 North McKinley, Oklahoma City.)  Friday, 5 November, 8 pm.
With the CherryPickers and other such special guests.  Newly renovated though hopefully Greg preserved the charm of the leaning walls...
Frank & Lola's.  (2nd and Dewey, Bartlesville.)  Saturday, 6 November, 9 pm.
With the CherryPickers.  It's been awhile since we played in B-ville... promise to be on your best behavior... you-know-who-you-are...  ;-)
Madison Avenue House Concert.  (for reservations: Tulsa.)  Sunday, 14 November.  This is a special party for pre-sale of the new CD... (not really a CD Release Party, per se... we're just not ready for that yet!)
Fred's Texas Cafe.  (915 Currie Street, Ft Worth, Texas.)  Sunday, 21 November, 3 pm.
With the CherryPickers.  Played at Fred's the other day and had a such beautiful time, with some good buddies-- you come, too!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Camille Harp

Hey muh frenz..

Just a quick reminder that we will be rockin' the Deli in Norman, tomorrow, Saturday October 2nd!  10:30pm

Bring yo'self and pass this on to a friend!