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Notice: Virus Alert

Notice: Virus Alert

OSU Information Technology has received information that a dangerous virus is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, April 1 (April Fool's Day). The virus, named Conflicker C, will travel through peer-to-peer communications and local network traffic and will attempt to figure out your passwords. It also can be carried from one computer to another on a USB thumb drive or any other portable storage device.
It is recommended that you make sure your computer operating systems and anti-virus software are up to date and that caution is used with any e-mail and peer-to-peer communication (especially BitTorrent users), as well as the use of social networking Web sites.
For more information about the virus alert, please visit

Friday, March 27, 2009



Well the "Confessions Tour" is under way with our friends in Fireflight and Me in Motion.  This is going to be an amazing experience.  The first night we had an amazing response in the "confession" booth.  We have a place set up each night for people to go into and write down what is weighing them down.  I know that we all get a little stressed and carry a burden.  That is what this tour is all about.  To confess our burdens and sins to God and start the healing process. 

The responses were great and very heart felt.


We are still working on the record while we are on the road.  This one is gonna be awesome.  We are playing a couple of new songs on the tour so if you wanna hear any new stuff come on out and tell us what you think.  Rob Graves has been working on stuff back in Nashville and we are working with him to make the best Pillar record to date.  We are looking at a September 22nd release date.  We will keep you informed and let you know where things are going with the new record.  And as soon as we come up with an album title we will let you know.


Please check out for tour dates and info.


thank you all again for your undying support,



Town & Gown, Stillwater, OK.

Hello Town & Gown friends! Just reminding you that the box office will open next week for The Bad Seed, which opens next Thursday night!


Make sure that you notice that the performance dates have changed for the second week of the show. The show will run Thursday thru Sunday, April 2-5, and the second week it will run Wednesday thru Saturday, April 8-11 (due to Easter Sunday).


For more information about the show, you can look online at


Don't forget to get your tickets...and don't forget to bring a friend! :)




Shane O'Mealey


Town and Gown Theatre

P.O. Box 934

Stillwater OK 74076


Camille Harp

Hello muh frenz...


See you Saturday night @ Dreamer Concepts for the Recycled Lights Program and Earth Hour (hOUR Norman).


Turn your lights off, unplug unnecessary, unused appliances (toasters, lamps, computers, etc) from 8-9 Saturday night.


I will be playing acoustic music at Dreamers by candlelight from 7pm-10pm.


Hope you can join us for this beautiful event!




Joe Mack Spring Tour dates and projects announced

Oklahoma guitar slinger re-releases debut studio effort, This Crazy World


The term “Okie” is thrown around quite a bit nowadays when describing the bands coming from the panhandle state, but when applying the moniker to Joe Mack, a truer word couldn’t have been chosen. Mack, born in Fort Sill and reared in Lawton, further educated in Stillwater, blue-collared in Oklahoma City, spit on in Tulsa and now comfy and collected in Tahlequah, is taking his unique Oklahoma-originated cross-cultured jams to dozens of venues across the state this spring.

Late last year, the new age guitarist did a short-run release of his debut studio album, This Crazy World, which was made available exclusively at performances and sold out in a mere seven nights. Now armed and dangerous with a full supply of discs, Mack will continue selling records at shows and at select digital online retailers beginning on Monday, April 20.

This Crazy World was co-produced by Travis Linville and is a remarkable snapshot of Mack’s songwriting career. Songs like “Little Feet” and “Turn Out the Lights” were hashed up from the 7 and 9 year old stacks, respectively, while tunes like “Loser Friendly,” “Thrift Store Shoes” and “All By Myself” are more recent additions to Mack’s diverse song bank. In addition to Linville’s breakbeat drum programming, slide guitar work and flat-picking, the album features the varied talents of guitarist Gabe Marshall (Gabe Marshall Band), keyboardist Ryan Jones (The Ills, Dorian Small), fiddler Jeremy Watkins (Stoney LaRue & the Arsenals), mandolin chopper Chris Lee Becker (The Souvenirs, Bill Erickson & the New Migrant Workers), drummer Giovanni “Nooch” Carnuccio (Mama Sweet), and Lyle Deiter, harmonica (South 40).

Where did this so-called “one-man-band” fit into the mix? Everywhere on This Crazy World you could imagine – lead vocals, backup vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, banjitar, Gatorade bottle, djembe and kazoo. And you can catch him filling in these shoes and mores this spring at a choice Oklahoma venue near you in a variety of solo outings, full band projects with 3/4 KIND (featuring James Townsend, Sarah Garde & Annie Paine from My-Tea Kind) and sideman duties with Americana master craftsmen Bill Erickson & the New Migrant Workers.

For audio and visual references, visit and


    Catch Joe Mack on tour now at:

Mar 28 2009




Apr 1 2009


The Canebrake w/ 3/4 KIND

Wagoner, Oklahoma

Apr 2 2009


The Colony w/ 3/4 Kind

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Apr 3 2009


51st Street Speakeasy w/ 3/4 Kind

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Apr 4 2009


Eskimo Joe’s w/ 3/4 KIND

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Apr 8 2009


The Canebrake w/ BENMW

Wagoner, Oklahoma

Apr 9 2009


The Colony w/ BENWM

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Apr 10 2009


Galileo w/ BENMW

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Apr 11 2009


Joseppi’s w/ BENMW

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Apr 12 2009


Webb’s w/ BENMW

Ponca City, Oklahoma

Apr 15 2009


The Canebrake

Wagoner, Oklahoma

Apr 17 2009


The Alibi

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Apr 18 2009


Frank & Lola’s

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Apr 24 2009



Tulsa, Oklahoma

Apr 25 2009


Galileo Bar & Grill

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May 1 2009


The Colony w/ Chris Lee Becker & The Souvenirs

Tulsa, Oklahoma

May 2 2009


Joseppi’s Anniversary Bash

Stillwater, Oklahoma

May 7 2009


The Colony

Tulsa, Oklahoma

May 23 2009


Paseo Arts Festival - solo set

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May 23 2009


The Speakeasy w/ 3/4 KIND

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


For interviews and other media inquiries, please contact me via email or at the numbers listed below. If you haven’t noticed, I do all my own publicity and management, so go easy on me.

All my best,



Joe Mack

Managing Editor

The Current

326 E. Downing

Tahlequah, OK 74464

(918) 431-0330 office

(918) 207-6832 cell

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

susan herndon band

susan herndon band
The Blue Door
(2805 North McKinley Ave, Oklahoma City)
friday 27 march
9 pm
LOLA'S at the Bowery
(main and brady, tulsa)
thursday 26 march
6:30 pm
for more info, go to:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

from a Cimarron Valley farmgirl~ Monica Taylor

Howdy, ya'll!
Here are a few things that are goin' on the next two weeks or so... would love to have you out!
Thursday, March 26th   7pm
downtown Wichita at The Murdock Theater!
The Cherokee Maiden's ride again!!   Sycamore Swing will be in rare form as Robin Macy, Jennifer Petterson, and myself take the stage in our cowgirl garb as The Cherokee Maiden's!  
My goodness, we love to sing with these talented men in Sycamore Swing.. Kenny (guitar,) Rob (fiddle,) Andy (drums,) Shane (guitar,) and James(bass.)  What a night!  This will be wonderful time of great old western swing, jazz, originals... a little gypsy jazz.  Hope you can make it out, friends!
Saturday, March 28th... two really wonderful things today:
A Farmgirl's Barnhouse concert series!    8pm  
$10-15 (whatever donation you can toss in the 'cookie-jar' will do fine!)  This is also a potluck dinner, so bring yo' favorite dish or whatver... if you want to.
This is LAST concert for this winter season...  until November '09!
Joe Baxter, Patrick Williams, and myself (monica Taylor)  will be doing this last concert until November '09...
my goodness, there's not enough room to talk about these two fellers and the songs they have each penned.    Joe Baxter resides in Oklahoma City, OK and Patrick Williams lives on his family's indian allotment land on Monkey Island near Grove, OK.  They each have a following of fans the length ofRoute 66 itself! 
Joe Baxter:
This man has written songs for years that people ask him to sing at each festival he attends. He has won my heart with his gritty writing and easy-going delivery of his tunes.  He will have some friends with on stage- and like Patrick, even more off stage!  We'll hear about life in the country, broken hearts, a train, lovers... Joe has been the host and the ramrod of the Cottonwood Campground stage at the Guthrie Bluegrass festival each year... this is one of the  best places to hear wonderful songs and pickers.  So excited to have this dear friend here at my home to perform his tunes... he is so humble and supportive of other songwriters (including myself)... he will probably have his brother-in-law Kurt Neilson with him, and maybe others? 
Patrick Williams
One of my favorite songwriters, guitar players... and friends.  So excited to have him perform here in my home for you all!
Every bluegrass or folk festival I go to with Patrick, people come up and ask him to play 'em a song:   play that one about Goobersville, "Faith Can Turn the Tide,"  "My Last name is Williams"  (about Hank)... I  always ask for "The Garden Gate" and "Back on my Feet"... well, I ask for lots more than that because I know his songs so well... of course.(grin)
Patrick and I have travelled for 10 or 11 years as The Farm Couple across the southern states and all over the state of Oklahoma.  He is one of my favorite writers and along with Joe is one of the most prolific writers of 'really good' songs, by golly, that I know!  I'm so glad that he is going to be playing his tunes in my home this day...  I will be joining him on a few tunes, too.  
Since this is the last house concert for this season,  I am going to do a little set myself... hopefully these two fellows will join me on a few songs?   (I know my dear friend Patrick will... grin.)  So excited to have this wonderful night of pickin' and grinnin'... and jammin'! 
Please let me know if you will be coming to this last house concert at my barnhouse north of Perkins, OK just a half mile?  (1/2 mile north of the Sonic Drive-Inn on highway 33.  It's the barn nestled In the pecan trees on the right.
Call me at 405-547-2730 or 405-612-3183 or email back at!      Thank you so much for your attendence. 
At the March 7th show:
**Tom Skinner had a great crowd of fans and friends... he and Gene Williams and Don Morris had an amazing show... and the jamming afterwards was wonderful... and went into the wee hours of the morning.   Let me know if you would like to come- I have about 60 chairs.  Thank you friends, pickers, and listeners!  See you then, friends!  
~also on March 28th... NPR radio fund drive appearance
...5-7pm for KOSU Fund Drive... and Garrison Keillor's  A Prarie Home Companion!
The other 'neat' thing happening today is a bit of time I get to spend with my favorite NPR radio station: KOSU out of Stillwater, OK for their annual fund drive!   I'm awfully proud to have been asked to join the folks here at 91.7 FM KOSU from about 4:30- 7pm or so... as you can tell, this is the time that A Prairie Home Companion radio show will be airing their weekly show.  We'll be visiting about NPR and a few memories of my time on the show this past fall.
Check out the APHC archives for the entire show and lots of pics!
October 25th, 2008 I was a guest on this show thanks to Garrison Keillor calling me up on my cell phone the day before and asking if I might join him for the Tulsa Performing Arts Center live show the 25th.   "Uh-h-h.... YES!!  I'll be right there..."  was pretty close to my actual answer.  (smile)  Hot Club of Cowtown and Elvin Bishop were the other guests!  Wow!
Anyways, I'm very honored to have been asked to be a guest on this particular part of KOSU's annual fund drive... during the airing of A Prarie Home Companion from 5-7pm!   Please do call in and pledge whatver you can today during this show... we are so blessed to have such wonderful entertaining shows as APHC and others like "The Splendid Table", "Fresh Air"... "Folk Salad" (recorded out of Tulsa),  the wonderful jazz shows...   What fun....    Then I have to boogie home to host my house concert... It'll be a fun day- I hope to see you at my home this evening, friends for one last show!
Thursday, April 2nd   Tulsa, OK  6:30-9:30pm
Lola's at The Bowery in the Brady district of downtown Tulsa.
The Rural Roots Rendezvous!  
Hosted my Jared Tyler, Don Morris, & Monica Taylor
We had such a great time last month here at Lola's... the supper menu is absolutely wonderful!  I had a wonderful meal, ambiance... and lots of fun playing the old country tunes- and many of our own with two of the best pickers in Tulsa!  
Our guest last month was great Red Dirt songwriter, Greg Jacobs... what a wonderful performance Greg gave us all... and his songs just cut right to your soul.  Thank you so much Greg!  
THIS month our special guest is dear friend, and fabulous bluegrass and country picker and songwriter: Jim Blair!    My goodness... he is one of the ram-rods of The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in Muskogee, such a wonderful event to attend!  Some of the bands he plays with are The Neverly Hillbilly's, The Bonham Review... you will enjoy The Jim Blair experience, my friends.  Hang on to your hats as Jim plays the guitar, banjo, mandolin... and sings the old favorites and his own for you!
My advice for this Springtime~
"Lots of fun... take some time to enjoy a little Red Dirt music... along with your enjoyment of the actual digging of your garden's red dirt or black dirt... (smile.)  
Oh, and take some time stare a bird in the eyes and take good long walk down a country road... I'm going to take my own advice, dear hearts!"
love from a Cimarron Valley farmgirl~  Monica Taylor

From Monica Taylor of The Farm Couple...

Hey... Stan... don't you worry about the awards dealy... you have done a wonderful job- people can wait till next year.

I would like to invite you to my home this sat. night 8pm concert... last one till the fall. I'm too busy this time of the year till nov.! (smile... that's good thing, I'd say.)

Joe Baxter, Patrick Williams, and myself... $10-15 a seat, pot luck, jam afterwards!

Tom Skinner's concert march 7th was AMAZING!! Had about 60 people from all over the state! 

Would you let other folks know about this concert and they might want to call me, so here's my #'s: 405-612-3183 & 405-547 2730.

ALSO, I'm gonna try and round up everyone again to help with the cleanup out at The Farm for another Bob Childers memorial jam and campout... early May, I think. Chuck Dunlap will be in from Washington state. 

Good job on all that you do, stan... keep it up!

Love from Monica ~ a red dirt farmgirl

ps. by the way, I'm beginning a new cd this month! 6 of my songs, 5 or 6 red dirt songs... AND Ellis paul is going to record a duet with me: "She" gram parsons. Isn't that cool?

Ed's Note:++++++++++++++YES Monica... that is cool!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TK's2 in Jenks tonight/LOLA's in Tulsa Thursday


Susan solo


TK's 2 

St. Patrick's Day

Riverwalk Crossing

in Jenks, America

Tuesday, 17 March

6 pm


susan herndon band


LOLA'S at the Bowery

(main and brady, tulsa)

thursday 19 march

6:30 pm


for more info, go to:


and --while the webspace is being rehauled--

for future events & dates, click on the MySpace link on the homepage

Norman Music Festival Schedule and More Bands

Norman Music Festival 2009
(Click to enlarge)

The schedule for Norman Music Festival (Saturday, April 25) has been released, along with an updated list of bands.

You can view the previously announced bands here and here.

The Lee BoysCrocodileThe SeparationEarly Beat,Penny HillLocust AvenueMayolaDead Sea ChoirThe GunshipMama SweetHush Hush CommotionThe Ike Lamb BandGabriel MarshallGalapagosLemmaHere is ThereFord ChastainJohn FullbrightMichael Bendure,The WorkweekKristen StehrDepth and Current,Meredith MeyerRichard Daddy LoveSusan Herndon,Dorian SmallRainbows are FreeProprietors of the Earth,GlowbeadEdgar CruzThe Lily GuildHollywood Homicide,BungalouskiSugar Free AllstarsBuffalofitz, Ivan Peña Trio, The NghiemsBuzz Radio Winner

The second-year festival will feature around 68 artists on ten stages in historic downtown Norman. Over 13,000 people attended the event last year and this year promises to be bigger and better. NMF is for all ages and FREE! So, if you like free stuff, sunny sunshine, good music and trains, they you’re in luck.

Norman Music Festival is looking for about 150 volunteers to assist in crowd control, clean up, hospitality, parking and many other areas of the festival. Volunteers will work in four hour shifts and each receive a free t-shirt. Sign up to be a volunteer here.

Full schedule after the jump.

2009 NMF Main Stage
10:30pm - Of Montreal
9pm - Starlight Mints
7:30pm - Black Angels
6pm - Man Man
4:45pm - Stardeath and White Dwarves
3:45pm - Other Lives
2:45pm - Sheree Chamberlain
1:45pm - Of Montreal Tour Support TBA
12:50pm - The Absolute
11:55am - Student Film
11am - El Paso Hot Button

Jägermeister 2nd Stage
9pm - Tea Leaf Green
7:30pm - Todd Snider
6pm - tba
4:45pm - Brandon Jenkins
3:40pm - Travis Linville
2:40pm - The Lee Boys
1:45pm - Blue Turtle Seduction
12:35pm - Camille Harp
11:45am - Resident Funk
11am - Buzz Radio Winner

Sooner Theater Stage
7pm - The Uglysuit
6pm - Mama Sweet
5pm - Hush Hush Commotion
4pm - The Ike Lamb Band
3pm - Gabriel Marshall
2pm - Galapagos
1pm - Lemma
noon - Here is There
11am - Ford Chastain

Opolis Stage
8pm - Crocodile
7pm - The Separation
6pm - Early Beat
5pm - Penny Hill
4pm - Locust Avenue
3pm - Mayola
2pm - Gentle Ghost
1pm - Dead Sea Choir
noon - The Gunship

The Little Rocker Stage
(for our youngest festival attendees)
5pm - Sugar Free Allstars
4pm - Various Local Young Musicians
3pm - Balcum Rancum Puppetry
2pm - Jahruba Drums
1pm - Buffalo Fitz
noon - Sooner Studio Kids

Coaches Brewhouse Stage
7pm - John Fullbright
6pm - Michael Bendure
5pm - The Workweek
4pm - Kristen Stehr
3pm - Depth and Current
2pm - Meredith Meyer
1pm - Richard Daddy Love
noon - Susan Herndon

The Dreamer Concepts Stage
7:30pm - Dorian Small
6:15pm - Rainbows are Free
5pm - Proprietors of the Earth
3:45pm - Glowbead
2:30pm - Edgar Cruz
1:40pm - Lily Guild
1pm - Hollywood Homicide
noon - Bungalouski
11am - Popstar Karaoke

The Sonder Music Stage
3pm - Ivan Peña Trio
2pm - Austin Hartel Dance Group
1:30pm - Perpetual Motion Modern Dance Oklahoma
12:30pm - The Nghiems

Winans Fire Chocolates & Coffees Stage
Author Charles Martin, and Kabaret Falschtanz dance troup.
Book reading of The Dominant Hand
The Unauthorized Story of Jim Jacobs and the Cult that Saved the World.
(3:30pm to 5:30pm)