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The Greater Oklahoma Bluegrass Music Society (GOBMS), a nonprofit organization, presents its monthly concert/jam April 12, 2008, 6:30 PM, at the Oklahoma Country-Western Museum & Hall of Fame, 3925 SE 29, Del City (just west of Wall’s).

Featured bands are The Horn Family, Crescent OK; Lindsey Duffin & New Direction, Montague TX and Triple L Bluegrass, Portales NM.

Jamming rooms are available for musicians who wish to come and jam. Doors open at

5 PM. General admission is $6.00 (GOBMS members $5.00); teens $3.00. Children 12 and under are free, but must be accompanied by parent or adult. Seating is provided and concessions are available.

The Museum & Hall of Fame is a smoke-free facility and no drugs, alcohol or tobacco products of any kind are permitted.

For further information regarding performances, please call 405-485-2370; 405-677-7515 or 405-632-8945. NOTE: After 3 PM the day of the show, call 405 677-3174 (Museum & Hall of Fame).

Thank you,

Melba G. Arnold, Program Chairperson &

Public Relations Coordinator

Greater Oklahoma Bluegrass Music Society /


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mama Sweet says....

Hello all,
This is Whitney and I am writing to let you know that Aron will not be at the White Elephant this evening as originally planned. He has caught the flu. If he has any chance of making the shows this weekend, he needs to stay in bed. Thankfully, Kurt South (who opened for us at the White Elephant awhile back) has been kind enough to fill in. He is a great singer/songwriter so I encourage you all to go, check him out (at least a little while), and thank him for being such a kind and generous person.

Don't forget: Davis on Friday and Duncan on Saturday. Check the website, for details.


the bluehemians

the bluehemians
with special guests: jim karstein & danny baker

thursday/march 13th
cherokee nation casino
8 to 12 am

friday/march 14th
4 aces tavern
41st & garnett
9 to 1 am

saturday/march 15th
scarlet's rodehouse
15th & sheridan
9 to 1 am

sunday/march 16 th
twisters @ cherokee nation
casino catoosa,ok
7 to 11 pm

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



"We're the small mammal zipping around all the dinosaurs in the swamp"

AUSTIN, TEXAS--March 12, 2008--Austin, Texas-based publisher and record label Texas Music Forge announced today that it has begun a
“pay what you want” policy for its mp3 downloads. The concept of allowing customers to download music and set their own price for it has been a topic of intense controversy in the music industry.

Label president Ed Kliman stated "Texas Music Forge is the small mammal zipping around all the dinosaurs in the swamp. The concept of pay what you want has gained traction in the music industry as online file sharing has made traditional CD and Mp3 sales more difficult. Additionally, the fact that anyone with a computer can now create and distribute music has made the task of finding an audience for new artists much more difficult. In the face of these challenges, the pay what you want model has begun to attract attention in a music industry which has seen a drastic drop in revenue at a time when music listenership has never been higher."

The concept of allowing fans to decide how much to pay for music downloads was pioneered by Canadian singer Jane Siberry and recently embraced by pop band Radiohead with its current release. A fairly consistent percentage of fans elect to pay for their downloads and both artists acknowledge turning a profit on releases where payment is voluntary. Encouraging fans to pass along Mp3s to friends, a practice which the music industry has tried to shut down, has also created favorable publicity and allowed both acts to attract a larger fan base.

All of the works in the Texas Music Forge catalog are presented as mp3 downloads with CD quality sound and consumers are offered the opportunity to pay what they want. The label
’s catalog carries both music and audio drama on their website at

# # #

ABOUT TEXAS MUSIC FORGE: Formed in 2005 in Austin, Texas as a source for Mp3 downloads, Texas Music Forge has issued albums from a variety of artists such as The Twelfth Night Project and Ed Kliman, audiodrama such as History's Greatest Love Affairs and two cast albums for the Austin Shakespeare Festival. The label also creates professional music production libraries and licenses music. For more information, please visit or e-mail

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Van Halen, Complete With Diamond Dave, Returns To Rock Oklahoma City

They Heard You Missed Them – They’re Back

Van Halen, Complete With Diamond Dave, Returns To Rock Oklahoma City
By Clinton Wieden

Remember when your high school English teacher gave the traditional “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” assignment on the first day of class?

You know the one - that horrible paper where everyone writes the same story as the year before about the same people they’ve known for years. Most times, it was just first-day filler to give you something to do.

But once in a rare while, someone would actually have a good story. Somebody in the class would have done something wonderful with their break, and everyone else would immediately be jealous.

Remember that feeling?

Now imagine being in Wolfgang Van Halen’s class next fall.

The newest member of one of rock’s most enduring acts, all of 16 years old, got more material for such a paper on January 22 as Van Halen took the stage at Oklahoma City’s Ford Center.

At most recent Van Halen shows, one would often see the “Diamond” hand signal – an expression of the desire for a certain former frontman’s return. But there were no hand signals this night – there was no need. “Diamond” David Lee Roth was back.

And from the opening number – a short burst of the classic solo “Eruption” leading into the band’s famous cover of “You Really Got Me” – it was clear that the joy of a Van Halen show was back with him.

Roth spent the evening nailing the songs he made famous during his first stint as lead singer, changing costumes, doing flying jump-kicks, twirling microphone stands like a samurai would swing a sword, and just generally reminding the favorable crowd why he was so important to the band in the first place.

The brothers Van Halen – Eddie, the quintessential guitar god, and Alex, the percussive core of the band – were clearly enjoying themselves. The energy in the building was infectious, and it even caught hold of the normally stoic duo.

As for young Wolfgang, he held his own admirably. Roth referred to the combo as “three-quarters original, one-quarter inevitable,” and as well as the junior Van Halen took over the bass parts, that didn’t seem such a bad thing. The stage presence of former bassist Michael Anthony was missed, but musically, the band didn’t miss a beat.

Make no mistake – this was not a “Van Hagar” crowd here to see what all the fuss about the Roth years was. No, this was a crowd that wanted to travel back to 1984, and the band was happy to oblige.

Classics like “Runnin’ With The Devil,” “Beautiful Girls,” “Dance The Night Away” and “Everybody Wants Some!!” shook the rafters as the crowd sang along with every word.

Even lesser-known album cuts like “I’m The One,” “So This Is Love?,” and “Mean Street” kept enthusiasm high, helped along by Eddie’s inimitable guitar playing and Roth’s irrepressible grin.

The show continued with a flurry – “Unchained,” “I’ll Wait,” “And The Cradle Will Rock…,” “Hot For Teacher” – as more of the best-known material in the Van Halen canon kept flowing from the stage.

Roth provided the most interesting moment of the night when he appeared with an acoustic guitar and told a story of the band’s early days – bicycling around Oklahoma City on their first tour, partying in a friend’s backyard in Pasadena, CA, and some “herb”-induced voyages on the Starship Enterprise – before kicking into the fan-favorite “Ice Cream Man.”

Screaming versions of “Panama” and “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love,” along with an extended Eddie solo break, closed out the show.

There was only one song that could possibly be the encore, and the Ford Center audience let loose a roar when the synthesizer licks came through and the band launched into “Jump.”

It was an encore to remember – the band’s biggest hit, confetti everywhere, and Roth running around a catwalk with a giant inflatable microphone while wearing a boat captain’s hat.

This was a rock concert in the best sense –high-energy fun with an appreciative crowd. In contrast to Van Halen’s last tour, a 2004 effort with Sammy Hagar, this wasn’t a straightforward concert with little audience interplay. This was a show, and underlined the differences in the band’s two eras. Roth played to the crowd at all times, helping keep the enthusiasm high and reminding people of why they loved Van Halen in the first place – they were just more fun than any other band.

Musically, of course, the show was top-notch. Everyone playing an instrument was named Van Halen – would you expect any different?

Van Halen’s tour is scheduled to end April 7 in Milwaukee. Beyond that, no one is really sure what will happen: A world tour? A new album? A quiet return home for the band members? It’s unclear.

What is clear, however, is that Van Halen is still one of rock’s strongest acts, and with Roth, one of the most joyous.

And if nothing else, they’re making sure Wolfgang will get an A on that paper.



  1. Eruption/You Really Got Me
  2. I’m The One
  3. Runnin’ With The Devil
  4. Romeo Delight
  5. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
  6. Beautiful Girls
  7. Dance The Night Away
  8. Atomic Punk
  9. Everybody Wants Some!!
  10. So This Is Love?
  11. Mean Street
  12. Oh, Pretty Woman
  13. Alex Van Halen Drum Solo
  14. Unchained
  15. I’ll Wait
  16. And The Cradle Will Rock…
  17. Hot For Teacher
  18. Little Dreamer
  19. Little Guitars
  20. Jamie’s Cryin’
  21. Ice Cream Man
  22. Panama
  23. Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo
  24. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
  25. ENCORE: 1984/Jump

The Indie Nation Fights Cancer

The Indie Nation Fights Cancer
Lonewolf Productions

Saturday Apr 12, 2008 at 12:00 PM

Where:: The Oaks
10206 FM 973 N.
Manor, Texas 78653

Benefit for Cancer Research

This Concert is part of our National Group of Concerts to help raise funds for kids with cancer.

Nashville Recording Artist Gary Helms
Country Music at its best !

TICKETS ARE $8.00 Dollars at the Gate.
Bar B Que and soft drinks will also be available for the kids .. Kids under 12 Free

For more info call The Oaks Or 972-294-4881
Or Visit our site at

Advance Ticket a Pay Pal Lonewolf Special Guest
Ron Shumate
Cactus Jones
Clay McClinton
Blaine Lilly
Cedar - N - Sage
Heaven Hill
DB Martin
And More

This is a Country Music Concert with some Southern Rock and PoP.

This is and all day music Event starting around Noon. It will be Filmed for TV and Video Productions for TV Specials latter this year on PPS Channels
.Our Goal is to raise funds for kids with cancer in hospitals across the Nation. We will be sending out CD's and Gift Packages to as many kids as we can through this project. This is a year long concert abd show project Produced by Lonewolf Productions and Our Music 4 You. Concerts will be aired throughout the world. And on PPS Channels across the Nation.

Dress Country and join the fun on Video. Our goal is to have a great time and cook some great Bar B Que.


Catchy new video also features surprise cameo from Texas legend, Dale Watson.

( Austin, Texas )
--March 10, 2008--Country artist, Jackson Taylor will release his second single “Outlaw
Women” from the critically acclaimed debut album, Dark Days (Smith Music Group) in late March. The
catchy new single (presented by Arriba!) will also feature the new video by producers, The Ray Brothers of
Suited Productions who have begun shooting the video at various locations.

Texas legend, Dale Watson showed up for an impromptu cameo in the new video which will hit TV and
Internet screens nationwide in April, only helping spread the word on one of country music’s best kept secrets.

Jackson’s debut single, “Lonely” from Dark Days charted at #6 and remained on the Texas Music
Chart Top Ten for two months as he and his electrifying live band hit the road with new Nashville booking
agent, Buddy Lee Attractions. Being touted as the “country Kurt Cobain” with his no holds barred attitude,
energetic stage show and simple ‘street smart’ lyrics, Jackson Taylor’s catchy new single is only bound to
keep this renegade star rising.



3/13 Corpus Christi, Texas - Brewster Street Icehouse w/Jason Boland
3/15 Tyler, TX - Bootlegger’s
3/26 Bryan, TX - Texas Hall of Fame Opening for Jason Boland
3/27 Grapevine, TX - Glass Cactus/Gaylord Texas Resort
3/29 Houston, TX - Firehouse Saloon
4/11 Corpus Christi, TX - Whiskey River
4/12 Houston, TX - Outlaw Music Festival / Bay Area Rally
4/17 Manhattan, KS - Longhorns Saloon
4/18 Pryor, OK - Pryor Creek Music Festival, Bikelahoma
4/25 Wichita, KS - Sam’s Place
4/26 Stillwater, OK - 17th Annual Calf Fry & Testicle Festival
5/01 Grapevine, TX - Glass Cactus/Gaylord Texas Resort
5/31 San Antonio, TX - Rolling Oaks Sports Bar and Grill
6/04 Fort Worth, TX - 8.0 The Ranch Series w/Jason Boland
6/20 Osage Beach, MS - Dog Days Bar and Grill
6/21 Osage Beach, MS - Dog Days Bar and Grill
7/12 Marlow, OK - Coffee Creek Music Complex
7/16 Austin, TX - KVET Radio FREE Texas Music Series at Hills
7/18 Denver, CO - Private Concert
8/02 Washington, KS - Washington County Fair

Monday, March 10, 2008

Brandon Jenkins Band

Brandon Jenkins

Best Songwriter

Dont forget to vote for Brandon, he's up for Best Songwriter at the 2008 GWE Music Awards. Click the pic to vote, and you can vote once a day!

Thanks to everyone that braved the icey roads, and came out to the Brandon and Stoney Show at Rockin Rodeo in Denton. It was a packed show even with the 9 inches of snow. We'll be doing more of these over the summer!

Upcoming Gigs

Wed 3-12 SXSW Music Fest Austin, TX 8pm
Thurs 3-13 Coach Joe's Frisco, TX

Brandon on You Tube

From the band live in France, to a bunch of wild tributes, if you type in Brandon Jenkins on You Tube you'll get hours of entertainment. My fav is the Keep Austin Weird promo.
Click Pic to see it.

Random Stuff From This Week

No this is not an optical illusion, Brandon has big ass feet. Size 15!!!

Ah, rock stars on the road. We spend most of our free time drinking coffee, and hangin out in bookstores. The last pic speaks for it's self, who knew?

We love every single one of you, thanks so much for helping us get to do what we love!

Brandon Jenkins

Friday, March 7, 2008

Gene Collier is the man who wrote "Boys From Oklahoma"

Gene Collier is the man who wrote "Boys From Oklahoma", the most well-known Red Dirt song of all.

He's always there to lend a hand.

Now he needs your help.

Gene has been terminated from his 35-plus year job, accused of theft of railroad property. Gene has plead Not-guilty and has obtained legal representation. Lawyers ain't cheap, and he has no job. The small amount of savings he had on hand (making bail, lawyer's fee, etc.) is quickly draining out.

He still has a house payment, groceries, fuel, and the basics that we all have. Of course he has the full support of his family, but we need to let his friends know that he has a need and what could be done to help.

Gene's phone # is in the book in Cushing, Okla.

If nothing else, give him a call and let him know that you're in his corner.

If you wish to help,a fund has been set up in his name.

Make contributions to:

R. Gene Collier Legal Defense Fund
Spirit Bank
P.O. Box 1177
Drumright, OK, 74030

Any questions or comments can be sent to


Be there or be square!

click to see larger...
Please make an effort to be there and support this great cause. Uncle Stoney loved us... let's remember and show the love back... to his family and friends.
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The Farm Couple

The Farm Couple

When: Saturday Mar 08, 2008 at 8:00 PM

Where:: Joseppi’s -Stillwater, OK 74074

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Aaron Newman Duo, Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse. ACOUSTIC
OKGPick! Baby Gramps, Blue Door. JAZZ
Casey Friedman, The Red Cup. ACOUSTIC
Castle Collins, The Red Cup. ACOUSTIC
Chain Gang, Triples Bar & Grill. ROCK
The Clique featuring Speedy West, Friends. ROCK
Danny White and Gene Bell, The World Famous Hideaway. BLUES
OKGPick! Dropkick Murphys, Diamond Ballroom. ROCK
DJ Chris Connelly, Paradise City . ELECTRONIC
DJ J20, The Dugout. ELECTRONIC
DJ Night with Ryan, Russell’s. ELECTRONIC
OKGPick! DJ PhD, Hawaiian Don’s, Edmond . ELECTRONIC, Venu. ELECTRONIC
Gregg Kennedy, Junior’s. PIANO
Horseshoe Road, Kamp’s Deli. ACOUSTIC
Jacob Beccanen, Nonna’s Purple Bar. ACOUSTIC
Jungle Vibrations with DJ Doctor Evil, Club Raw. DANCE
MezClave featuring Frank Valdes, UCO Jazz Lab, Edmond . LATIN
Michael Crossno Band, Windjammer Club. COUNTRY
Modern Rock Diaries, Baker Street Pub & Grill. ROCK
Open Mic with Dyno, Galileo Bar & Grill. ROCK
Randy Smith, Nancy ’s 57th Street Lighthouse. LOUNGE
The Strangers, The Biting Sow. BLUES
OKGPick! Tommie Sunshine, SkkyBar. ELECTRONIC
Travis Kidd, Wormy Dog Saloon. COUNTRY

Adam Miller and Charles Davis, The Red Cup. ACOUSTIC
All Organic Combo, Sauced Annex. FOLK
Anita Russell and Friends, Clint’s. COUNTRY
Ann Kattov and the Jazz Trio, Boulevard Steakhouse, Edmond . JAZZ
Aranda, Remington Park . ROCK
Baby Walrus, The Conservatory. ROCK
Barbed Wire Band, CeeGee’s, Edmond . COUNTRY
The Blue Ryders, The Sweetheart Bar. COUNTRY
OKGPick! Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Diamond Ballroom. RAP
Borderline Band, Rhinestone Cowboy. COUNTRY
Camille Harp, The Deli, Norman . FOLK
Celtic Jam, Borders, Norman . CELTIC
The Clique featuring Speedy West, Friends. ROCK
The Coats, Drinkz. ROCK
DC Three and Mike McCraw, Odie’s Blues Saloon. BLUES
DJ Chris Connelly, Paradise City . ELECTRONIC
DJ PhD, Louie’s, Edmond . ELECTRONIC
DJ V and Ostara, Sidecar Cocktail Lounge. ELECTRONIC
Dolce, Full Circle Bookstore. FOLK
Doug and Telisha Williams and Idgy Vaugn, Blue Door. FOLK
The Fuss, Baker Street Pub & Grill. ROCK, LiT. ELECTRONIC
Gabriel Marshall, Bourbon Street Cafe. FOLK
Garrett “Big G” Jacobson Band, Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse. BLUES
George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Riverwind Casino, Norman. COUNTRY
Gregg Kennedy, Junior’s. PIANO
The InTrieri Theory with Danny White, Hogwash Cafe. BLUES
Jane Mays, Java Dave’s. FOLK
OKGPick! Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Wormy Dog Saloon. COUNTRY
Jesse Aycock, Galileo Bar & Grill. SINGER/SONGWRITER
Justin Shipley and Travis Osborne, Buffalo Wild Wings, Edmond . ROCK
Lemma, Tapwerks. ROCK
Martha Stallings, Makers Cigar and Piano Lounge. CONTEMPORARY
Mule Skinner, Blue Note. COUNTRY
Myora, No One’s Slave and Heatfix, Big Papa’s Pour House. ROCK
No U Turn, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill. COUNTRY
The Originals, Nonna’s Purple Bar. ACOUSTIC
Ron Pennington, Nancy ’s 57th Street Lighthouse. R&B
Rose Funeral, The Factory. ROCK
Shortt Dogg, UCO Jazz Lab, Edmond . BLUES
Soup, Ya Ya’s. ROCK
OKGPick! Spindrift, The Upside Down, The Oh Johnny! Girls and The Mean Spirits, The Red Room, Norman . ROCK
Steve Crossley, Thunder Roadhouse. ROCK
Street Survivor, RokBar. ROCK
Superfreak, CityWalk. ROCK
Sweet Brenda and Sour Mash, The Biting Sow. BLUES
Sweet Thing, Mama’s Smokin’ Aces. ROCK
The Terry Pursell Show, The Red Cup. ROCK
Unplugged with Jeff Criswell, The Biting Sow. BLUES
Watermelon Slim, VZD’s. BLUES
Who’s Joe Fazzio, Louie’s, Edmond . ROCK
OKGPick! Yacht Club, Crocodile, DJ Ed Crunk and Palmerston, Opolis, Norman. ROCK

2AM and Albert Aguilar, LiT. ROCK
4th Order, Ya Ya’s. ROCK
Aaron Newman, Bourbon Street Cafe. ROCK
Anita Russell and Friends, Clint’s. COUNTRY
Ann Kattov and the Jazz Trio, Boulevard Steakhouse, Edmond . JAZZ
Aranda, Remington Park . ROCK
Ash Hollow, Pepe Delgado’s, Norman . ROCK
Barbed Wire Band, CeeGee’s, Edmond . COUNTRY
Blake Shelton, FireLake Grand Casino, Shawnee . COUNTRY
Bleu Edmondson, Wormy Dog Saloon. COUNTRY
The Blue Ryders, The Sweetheart Bar. COUNTRY
Borderline Band, Rhinestone Cowboy. COUNTRY
Bowerbirds, Phosphorescent and Bodies of Water, Opolis, Norman . ROCK
Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos, VZD’s. LATIN
Citizen 5, DanMcGuinness Pub, Moore. ROCK
Citizen Mundi, Galileo Bar & Grill. SINGER/SONGWRITER
The Clique featuring Speedy West, Friends. ROCK
OKGPick! Congress of a Crow, Belle Isle Brewery . ROCK
Damage Case with Unit 21 and The Rippers, The Conservatory. ROCK
DJ Jason, Paradise City . ELECTRONIC
DJ PhD, Hawaiian Don’s, Edmond . ELECTRONIC
Doc Blue and The Blues Revue Band, The Biting Sow. BLUES
The Fuss, Baker Street Pub & Grill. ROCK, Bossa Nova at the Top. ELECTRONIC
Garrett “Big G” Jacobson Band, Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse. BLUES
Gregg Kennedy, Junior’s. PIANO
JA Sitton and Jessica Alcore, The Red Cup. ACOUSTIC
Jack Fowler, Full Circle Bookstore. FOLK
Jacob Beccanen and Mark Vollertson, Nonna’s Purple Bar. ACOUSTIC
Jon Dee Graham, Blue Door. FOLK
Justin Shipley and Travis Osborne, Danny Bob’s Hideout, Edmond . ROCK
Kelvin Drake, “Mr. Guitar,” Lincoln Station. BLUES
Leon Harrell and the Neon Cowboys, Country Ballroom Dance. COUNTRY
Louis Lopez and the Generation Band, Monterey Jack’s. ACOUSTIC
OKGPick! Mankind Is Obsolete and Tympanic Frenzy, Big Papa’s Pour House. ROCK
Mowtown Blood, Sauced Annex. ROCK
Piranha Brothers, Thunderbird Casino, Norman. ROCK
The Prairie Dogs, Grape Ranch, Okemah. SINGER/SONGWRITER
Puddle of Mudd with Neurosonic, Tyler Read and Airborne, Diamond Ballroom. ROCK
Randy Clemons, The Red Cup. FOLK
REiDO, Brother’s, Norman. ROCK
OKGPick! Rockin’ Acoustic Circus, Bonham Revue and Glory Bound Bluegrass , Oklahoma Country-Western Museum & Hall of Fame , Del City. BLUEGRASS
Scott Keeton, Odie’s Blues Saloon. BLUES
The Silver Tops, Ingrid’s. JAZZ
Smilin’ Vic, UCO Jazz Lab, Edmond . BLUES
Sugar Free Allstars, Blue Note. ROCK
Superfreak, CityWalk. ROCK
Sweet Thing, Mama’s Smokin’ Aces. ROCK
The Tom and Billy Show, Java Dave’s. FOLK
Tracy Feldman and Jimbob Warner, Borders, Norman . ACOUSTIC
Turnpike Troubadours, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill. COUNTRY
Unplugged with Jeff Criswell, The Biting Sow. BLUES
Willie Nelson, Riverwind Casino, Norman . COUNTRY

Al and the Black Cats, Blue Note. ROCKABILLY
Bombadil with Samantha Crain, Sauced Annex. FOLK
The Dew Band, The Biting Sow. BLUES
DJ PhD, Baker Street Pub & Grill. ELECTRONIC
Harold Jefferson and The Showbiz Band featuring Lady D, Lincoln Station. BLUES
Hosty Solo, The Deli, Norman . ROCKABILLY
Jam with Otis Watkins, The Biting Sow. BLUES
Jam with Scott Keeton and Speedy West, Odie’s Blues Saloon. BLUES
Jeremy Johnson, Blue Note. ACOUSTIC
Justin Shipley, D’s Pub. ACOUSTIC
Kalazh Band, On Broadway Club. R&B
Plead the Fifth, Rendezvous II Bar, Del City . BLUES
Po’Girl , Blue Door. FOLK
OKGPick! Shack Shakers, VZD’s. ROCK
Three Legged Dog, The Alley Club. BLUES
Tom Skinner, Grape Ranch, Okemah. SINGER/SONGWRITER
Twiztid, Boondox, Project Born and DJ Clay, Diamond Ballroom. ROCK
Von Iva and The Hard Lessons, The Conservatory. ROCK

Cheyenne , Student Film and Wynn Walent, The Deli, Norman . ROCK
The Chinese Stars, El Paso Hot Button and Neptune , The Conservatory. ROCK
Colour Revolt, Anathallo and Sybris, University of Oklahoma Student Union, Norman . ROCK
Danny White and Gene Bell, The World Famous Hideaway. BLUES
Denise Smith and Trio, Junior’s. JAZZ
Eddy Edsel Acoustic Jam, The Biting Sow. BLUES
OKGPick! Evangelicals, Headlights and Say Hi to Your Mom, Opolis, Norman. ROCK
Guitar Hero Monday, LiT. ROCK
Hosty Duo, O’Connell’s, Norman . ROCKABILLY
Justin Shipley and Aaron Newman, Hawaiian Don’s, Edmond . ROCK
Oakhurst, The DeWayn Brothers and Apteka, Sauced Annex. ROCK
Ron Pennington, Nancy ’s 57th Street Lighthouse. R&B
Sequoyah Prep School , The Lives of Famous Men, Get Back Loretta and more, Convergence. ROCK
Time Machine, Riverwind Casino, Norman . ROCK

Aaron Newman, Dan McGuinness Pub, Moore. POP
Ash and Rachel Iraqui, Abuelo’s. ACOUSTIC
Casey Friedman, Sauced Annex. ACOUSTIC
DJ PhD, Baker Street Pub & Grill. ELECTRONIC
OKGPick! Ghost of Monkshood and The Vendiots, Hi-Lo Club. ROCK
Gregg Kennedy, Junior’s. PIANO
Guitar Hero, Baker Street Pub & Grill. ROCK
Holy Fuck, A Place to Bury Strangers and Panther, The Conservatory. ROCK
Joe Wright with Cami Stinson, Kamp’s Deli. BIG BAND
Leapin’ Lannie Jam, The Biting Sow. BLUES
Leon Harrell and the Neon Cowboys, Country Ballroom Dance. COUNTRY
Nick Jaina, Sauced Annex. FOLK
Open Mic with Space Bob, Hawaiian Don’s, Edmond . ROCK
Piranha Brothers featuring Jeff Nokes and Shane Conaway, Pearl ’s South. ROCK
Sherri Cook, The World Famous Hideaway. BLUES
Singing Bartender Ann Routon, Nancy ’s 57th Street Lighthouse. ROCK

OKGPick! 80z Enuf, Baker Street Pub & Grill. ROCK
OKGPick! Asleep Audience Dream, Binary Marketing, The Counterlife and Cracker Creeptacular, Sauced Annex. ROCK
OKGPick! Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Non, Opolis, Norman. ROCK
Borderline Band, Rhinestone Cowboy. COUNTRY
Carrie Webber/Mitch Bell Duo, Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse. ACOUSTIC
Chain Gang, Triples Bar & Grill. ROCK
Congress of a Crow, The Deli, Norman . ROCK
Denise Smith and Band, Junior’s. JAZZ
The Dew Band, The Biting Sow. BLUES
DJ Jason, Paradise City . ELECTRONIC
DJ Night with Ryan, Russell’s. ELECTRONIC
Louis Lopez, Monterey Jack’s. ACOUSTIC
OKGPick! M-Pact, UCO Jazz Lab, Edmond . JAZZ
Michael Crossno Band, Windjammer Club. COUNTRY
Off With Their Heads, Broadway Calls, Over Stars and Gutters and The Great Midwest , The Conservatory. ROCK
Otis Watkins, The Biting Sow. BLUES
Randy Smith, Nancy ’s 57th Street Lighthouse. LOUNGE
Sweet Root, Remington Park . COUNTRY

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Thu 03/06/08
Charlotte, NC
Amos' Southend
Fri 03/07/08
Harrisonburg, VA
Rocktown Grill
Sat 03/08/08
Jim Thorpe, PA
Penn's Peak
Sun 03/09/08
Richmond, VA
Toad's Place Of Richmond
Tue 03/11/08
Boston, MA
Paradise Rock Club
Wed 03/12/08
Ridgewood, NJ
Thu 03/13/08
New York, NY
Webster Hall
Fri 03/14/08
Washington, DC
9:30 Club
Sat 03/15/08
Columbia, SC
Five Points
Thu 03/20/08
Ruston, LA
Rabb's Steakhouse
Thu 03/27/08
Longview, TX
Graham Central Station
Fri 03/28/08
College Station, TX
Hurricane Harry's
Fri 04/04/08
Fort Worth, TX
Billy Bob's Texas
Sat 04/05/08
Corpus Christi, TX
Brewster Street Ice House

appearing at "Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival"

Wed 04/23/08
Stephenville, TX
Melody Mountain Ranch

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Fri 04/25/08
Stillwater, OK
Tumbleweed Dance Hall / Arena

appearing at "Lone Star State Jam"

Sat 04/26/08
Austin, TX
Waterloo Park

appearing at "Stagecoach"

Sat 05/03/08
Indio, CA
Empire Polo Field

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Fri 05/16/08
Bellvue, CO
Mishawaka Amphitheatre
Sat 05/24/08
New Braunfels, TX
River Road Icehouse
Sun 05/25/08
Eufaula, OK
"CCR Music & Mayhem"

appearing at "Rib America Festival"

Mon 05/26/08
Saint Louis, MO
Soldiers Memorial Plaza

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Fri 06/06/08
Maryville, TN
The Shed
Sat 06/14/08
Rochester, NY
International Jazz Festival
Sat 06/21/08
Walker, MN
Moondance Jammin Country Fest

appearing at "Summerfest"

Thu 06/26/08
Milwaukee, WI
Summerfest Grounds

appearing at "Lazy River Music & Arts Festival"

Fri 06/27/08
South Elgin, IL
Vasa Park

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Thu 07/10/08
Fayetteville, AR
Arkansas Music Pavillion (AMP)
Fri 07/11/08
Columbus, NE
Platte County Fair
Sat 07/12/08
Kansas City, MO
The Crossroads
Wed 07/30/08
Philadelphia, MS
Neshoba County Fair
Sat 08/02/08
Ruidoso, NM
Ruidoso Downs Racetrack
Sat 08/16/08
Hot Springs, AR
Magic Springs Theme Park
Fri 08/29/08
Morrison, CO
Red Rocks Amphitheatre