Sunday, January 3, 2010

Other Lives Music Featured in Local Film Trailer

Other Lives‘ song “Don’t Let Them” is being featured in the trailer for the new film “The Rounder Comes to Town”.
PopoutThe film was shot entirely in Oklahoma and was written and directed by Adam Davis Beatty.
The Rounder Comes to Town is an Okie Gothic film based on a traditional song dating back to 1720. Throughout time the music has changed in the hands of it’s performer, while the story remained largely the same. A lone drifter with no history meets the young and beautiful wife of the most powerful man in town. With a dangerous path laid out before each of them, our characters hurtle towards their destinies with no regard for the inevitable outcome. The Rounder Comes to Town is a story of deception, lust and greed…A tale as old as time itself.
“Don’t Let Them” appears on Other Lives’ 2009 self-titled album.

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