Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Susan Herndon

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New CD.  Well, the album, All Fall Down is finally complete.  Under the direction of Lloyd Mainesand his golden ears ... he, the master, himself says:  "looks great and sounds great" ... Praise the Lloyd!  There are 10 new songs written about such cheery topics as death and divorce and roadkill.  It sounds like a real downer, but i promise, it's upbeat.
Radio play.   Songs from the new album will be played on Greg Johnson's brand spankin new/good old radio show on Sunday, October 31st on KOSU at 6 pm (woops:  we're late getting this email out.)   And John Wooley will be playing "Oklahoma Girl" on his great radio show, Swing on This, on KWGS on Saturday, November 6th at 6 pm.  Thanks to both!
New Website.  www.susanherndon.com  ... still under construction... but some of the new tunes are up and there's some other stuff on there and on my end, i can maintain my technological ignorance, update my schedule, and i don't even have to speak computer-language... more links and photos to add, and album info, and lyrics... but it's a work in progress... Sign the guestbook, lemme know if everthing works, and thanks for making the visit.
CD Release Dates.  ... this weekend in Oklahoma City and in Bartlesville... next weekend a pre-release party in Tulsa... and dates in Ft Worth and in Arlington, Texas.  More dates to be announced soon... We can't do this without you; and we wouldn't want to, so YOU COME, TOO! 
The Blue Door.  (2815 No. McKinley Ave, Oklahoma City.)  Friday, 5 November, 8 pm.
CD Release Concert.  Always one of my favorite places to play, but this night will be extra-special.  With Terry 'Buffalo' Ware, Tom Skinner, Jack Abraham, the CherryPickers:  Michael Steed and Stephen Lee; and the Damn Quails will be opening the show.  The place is completely renovated.  We hope to see YOU; and Tootie too, will be there! 
Frank & Lola's.  (2nd & Dewey, Bartlesville.)  Saturday, 6 November, 9 pm.  CD Release.  Withthe CherryPickers:  Michael Steed and Stephen Lee.  We love it here... and it's been quite a while since we've made it up to the lovely B-ville, so we're really looking forward to this.  Not to mention, the food is to die for.  Not exaggerating.  Really to die for.  
Garden Deva Fall Festival.  (317 South Trenton Ave, Tulsa.)  Saturday, 6 November, 4:15 pm.  The best fall festival around, the only festival around where so much beauty abounds-- you will be astounded.  Beautiful sculpture, jewelry, hats, pottery, paintings, music, and seriously:  lots of beautiful women!  Come even if you're not a diva-- i'm not one and i go.
Open Door Coffee House.  (3321 West Park Row, Arlington, Texas.)  Saturday, 13 November, 7 pm.  First time here, so be on your best behaiour.
Madison Avenue House Concert.  (contact:  asmartin_5@hotmail.com for information and reservations.)  Sunday, 14 November, 4 pm.  Pre-CD-release, Tulsa.   A public cd release date for Tulsa will be in December; in the meantime, my dear friend, Andy is hosting this very special event in her home and she always surprises with delicious food... (which, i'm told, puts all other house concerts to shame.)  With special guests:  the CherryPickers, and more...
Fred's Texas Cafe.  (915 Currie Street, Ft Worth, Texas.)  Sunday, 21 November, 3 pm. 
Always a great time at Fred's!  With the CherryPickers.
Rick's Cafe Americain.  (31st and Harvard, Tulsa.)  Tuesdays, 6:30 pm!  My home away from home...  the world will always welcome lovers... as time goes by...  AND, the only intersection in Tulsa without any road construction (...knock on wood...)
French Hen.  (71st and Yale, Tulsa.)  Fridays and/or Saturdays when i'm in Tulsa, 7 pm.
J'adore toujours La Poule Francaise... quand je suis en ville j'y suis la... pour jouer des chansons francaises, manger de la bonne nourriture, et boire du bon vin!
(all locations Tulsa and Oklahoma, unless otherwise noted...)  
Tuesday, 2 November:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Friday, 5 November:  The Blue Door/Oklahoma City
Saturday, 6 November:  Garden Deva Fall Festival
Saturday, 6 November:  Frank & Lola's/Bartlesville
Tuesday, 9 November:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Saturday, 13 November:  Open Door Coffee House/Arlington, Texas
Sunday, 14 November:  Madison Avenue House Concerts
Tuesday, 16 November:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Sunday, 21 November:  Fred's Texas Cafe/Ft Worth, Texas
Tuesday, 23 November:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Tuesday, 30 November:  Rick's Cafe Amercain
Thursday, 2 December:  Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame/Muskogee
Friday, 3 December:  Price Tower/Bartlesville
Sunday, 19 December:  Hickory Tree House Concert/Kansas, Oklahoma
For further info, go to:  www.susanherndon.com 

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