Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MontyNews: Halloween Songs

I hope you're having a fun fall! We're actually experiencing beautiful Fall weather here in Oklahoma for a change! Evalyn was elected "Mayor" by her fellow fifth graders at Richmond Elementary for their upcoming field trip to Biztown in Tulsa. Lisa has put out a couple of new Kids Music Planet podcasts and is working on more. I'm preparing for upcoming "Say It in a Song" and "Songs From the Science Frontier" school visits, and I'll be performing again for the second USA Science Festival in Washington D.C. April 28 and 29!!


Halloween Madness

Many of my fans will remember from way back a cassette I put out called "Halloween Madness." One day, says Lisa, I WILL record a new CD of Halloween songs. Until then, I've put the old cassette up as digital files that you can download or listen to online. There are the five original songs, plus three bonus tracks. You can listen for free or download the whole package for $1.99. Check it out!

Born to Do Science

This Saturday October 15, at the Stillwater Public Library, 10:00 AM, free program for 3rd-7th grade kids and their parents.

The Intrepid White-footed Mouse
How Toxic Waste Affects Animal Populations and Diversity
Dr. Karen McBee, Curator of Vertebrates with the Department of Zoology at Oklahoma State University, will speak about her research into what makes some animal species more resilient than others at the Tar Creek Superfund Site.


Please call 372 3633 to let them know you're coming.

For more information, visit BornToDoScience.com



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