Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camille Harp

Hey Friends!  Hope you're findin' a nice shade tree in this August heat!

Sorry for the late notice but I will be playing at <THE WORMY DOG SALOON> Wednesday night <AUGUST 4TH> with my friend, Alan Orebaugh.  Alan is quite the picker so even if you've heard me before,  he is a real treat! 9:30pm

Thursday night <AUGUST 5TH>, I will be playing The Lower Bricktown Concert Series in front of <Harkins Theatre> in Bricktown.  Of course this will be a Boys Next Door show (Full Band) so please join us from 7pm to 8pm, and bring your dancin' shoes!  It seems like forever since I've gotten to play with these boys so I'm excited! 

Hope to see you there!


Go to camilleharp.com for future performances! :)

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