Friday, April 30, 2010

Susan Herndon

It's feast and festival season!
Still working on the new album,
but there's lots of live music
going on...
Thanks for all your support,
you know who you are,
and we can't do this without YOU!
Love, love, love,
Herndon & the CherryPickers gigs for May are as follows:

(all locations Tulsa and Oklahoma, unless otherwise noted...)
Friday, 30 April:  Elwoods/with the CherryPickers
Saturday, 1 May:  Cavenders/Bartlesville
Saturday, 1 May:  Frank & Lola's/Bartlesville/with the CherryPickers
Sunday, 2 May:  Bodean's/with the CherryPickers
Tuesday, 4 May:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Sunday, 9 May:  Grape Ranch/Okemah
Tuesday, 11 May:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Wednesday, 12 May:  Opening Bell/Dallas, Texas
Friday, 14 May:  Dosey Doe's/The Woodlands, Texas
Saturday, 15 May:  Tulsa International Mayfest/with the CherryPickers
Tuesday, 18 May:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Tuesday, 18 May:  Crow Creek Tavern
Thursday, 20 May:  Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame/Muskogee
Friday, 21 May:  Othello's/Norman
Saturday, 22 May:  Big Fish/Grapevine, Texas
Sunday, 23 May:  Fred's Texas Cafe/Ft Worth, Texas
Tuesday, 25 May:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Wednesday, 26 May:  Downtown Library
Wednesday, 26 May:  The Canebrake/Wagoner/with the CherryPickers
Thursday, 27 May:  Crow Creek Tavern/with the CherryPickers

Elwood's.  (1924 Riverside Drive, Tulsa.)  Friday, 30 April, 7 pm.  It's a resurrection of the old River's Edge!  How many years has it been since we played down there regularly?  Happy Happy Spring!  This is the satellite location of Tom Dittus' Blue Rose Cafe.  With my band, the CherryPickers!  You come, too! 
Cavender's.  (HW 75 and Washington Blvd, Bartlesville.)  Saturday, 1 May, 1 pm.
Come get your cowboy hat and boots and pearl snap western shirts, we're celebrating the grand opening of Cavender's Western Outfitters in the mall Saturday afternoon. With Jared Tyler.  YEE HAW! 
Frank & Lola's.  (200 E. 2nd Street, Bartlesville.)  Saturday, 1 May, 9 pm.
It's an all day and night extravaganza in the beautiful Bartlesville this Saturday... (good thing we really love this great Oklahoma town.)  We'll be bringing in my 29th birthday, too :-)  Come make a toast with us, with some Percy's Sweet Turkey Tea.  Slumber Party afterwards at the Frank Lloyd Wright Price Tower.  With the CherryPickers!
Bodean's.  (51st and Harvard, Tulsa.)  Sunday, 2 May, 6 pm. 
Did I mention that it's my birthday?  :-)  No gifts, just bring your own self.  Love to see you!
With the CherryPickers. 
Rick's Cafe Americain.  (31st & Harvard, Tulsa.)  Tuesday, 4, 11, 18, 25 May, 6:30 pm.
We've been having a really nice time back here at Rick's.  The coziest place in town.  Now the weather is nice, and the patio is open and... the world will always welcome lovers... as time goes by... 
The Grape Ranch.  (6 miles south of Okemah.)  Sunday, 9 May, 2 pm. 
What a great gift the Grape Ranch folks provide for Oklahoma each Saturday and Sunday, and every weekend with their Singer-Songwriter series.   And in such a beautiful setting.  If you've never been-- what are you waiting for?!
Opening Bell Coffeehouse.  (1409 South Lamar, Dallas, Texas.)  Wednesday, 12 May, 9 pm. 
This is tentative.   Supposed to be the special guest at the Wednesday Night Science Project at Blue Dome Diner in downtown Tulsa, and it means i'll have to cancel my favorite thing to do on Wednesday in Tulsa in order to do this... (when will we be able to be two places at once?  and when will my jet-pack be ready?)  ... But still working on the new album in Austin and need to get back down there... so, well, we'll see...
Dosey Doe's.  (25911 I-45 North, the Woodlands, Texas.)  Friday, 14 May, 8:30 pm.
Opening for the legendary Bob Livingston.  Who, by the way, along with the great Lloyd Maines, is producing my new CD... i'm a very lucky Oklahoma girl!   :-)
Tulsa International Mayfest.  (5th and Main, Tulsa.)  Saturday, 15 May, 5 pm.
The Mother of all Tulsa Festivals!  YOU COME, TOO!  We'll be at the Bartlett Square Stage.
With the CherryPickers.
Crow Creek Tavern.  (3534 S. Peoria, Tulsa.)  Tuesday, 18 May & Thursday, 27 May, 8:30 pm. 
On Tuesday, we'll be having our Singer-Songwriter Night, this time with a featured songwriter... more details to follow... On Thursday:  With the CherryPickers!
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.  (401 S. 3rd St, Muskogee.)  Thursday, 20 May.
Music Begins with a Song... so, that's the name of this concert that will benefit the OMHF.
With Tom Skinner, John Fullbright, Greg Jacobs, Joe Mack, and Monika Tayler.
Othello's.  (Campus Corner, Norman.)  Friday, 21 May, 7:30 pm.
Old stomping grounds.  Hope to see you there!  You know who you are...
Big Fish.  (414 South Main Street, Grapevine, Texas.)  Saturday, 22 May, 7 pm.
But there's really no discriminating... guppies, minnows, tadpole, and goldfish are welcome, too. 
Fred's Texas Cafe.  (915 Currie Street, Ft Worth, Texas.)  Sunday, 23 May, 6 pm.
Not Bob's not Ralph's not Hootie's, but Fred's... and not Oklahoma, not Arkansas, not Hawaii, but Texas.  Second time at this club, so you know, you don't necessarily have to be on your best behaviour.
Central Library.  (400 Civic Center, Tulsa.)  Wednesday, 26 May, 12 pm.
Music Sandwiched In Series  ;-)   I'll be doing all French songs!  mais, c'est vrai...
The Canebrake.  (33241 East 732nd Road, Wagoner.)  Wednesday, 26 May, 7 pm.  
A wonderful getaway, here for our healing of mind, body, and spirit.  If you've never been-- you're missing out!
Hot yoga, delicious food, good music, and then sound sleep.  With the CherryPickers.   (well, we won't be sleeping with you, at least it wouldn't be sound if we did!)

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