Friday, April 30, 2010

Monica Taylor

Two shows to tell you about this weekend:
April 30th, Friday 7pm 
Hootenanny at
The Hideaway
with The Farm Couple!
May 2, Sunday 2-6pm
*Plus I (Monica Taylor) will be playing with Don Morris this Sunday, May 2nd from 2-6pm, The Grape Ranch Vineyards,just  south of Woody Guthrie's hometown of Okemah, OK about 7 or 8 miles and then down a long winding country road to the ranch itself!
It will be a loverly day at The Grape Ranch Vineyards so come out, bring a picnic, if i were a kid (or if I wasn't playing music- ) I'd bring my bicycle and ride thru the pecan trees! 
Don is one of Red Dirt music's favorite writers and busiest performers... I love it when we get to play shows together!
A little word about our Hootenanny shows at TheHideaway: 
 We are performing one last time until the fall at Stillwater's beloved pizza place- The Hideaway!!

We love doing this Hootenanny each month and we might try to do another one during the summer sometime… we'll let you know.  We each are scheduling lots of roamin' from town to town and state to state to play our music this summer so this will be our last show until October.  Hope you can come out tonight with a hunger for pizza, pasta, sandwiches folk music, sing-alongs, songwriters, pickers & grinners!   Great old Woody Guthrie, bluegrass, mountain, western swing.. and red dirt and self-penned tunes for your listenin' pleasure!

Friday, April 30th in Stillwater, OK at The Hideaway Pizza Place 7pm

Down beat is 7pm, open pickin' circle is after the supper and concert with The Farm Couple- about 8:30pm! This show is free but we will have cds for sale and the ever-present tip jar!  See you tonight!!



*  Chuck Dunlap and other pickers are rumored to be 'comin out to pick and grin' with The Farm Couple for this last big evening of great old bluegrass, swing, country, folk roots, red dirt, and gospel songs!  And of course, a few of these Oklahoma songwriters' OWN songs, which people enjoy so much!   If you're a picker, bring your instrument for the open jam session at 8:30pm that usually lasts till around 11pm.  So many great bluegrassers... and music of allkinds has been played at these jams.  Monica and Patrick enjoy hosting these very downhome gatherings... and people must really enjoy them- they pack the house each month.  Ya'll come on out for good food and good music- and good folks!
To read about Monica's music career, The Farm Couple, and those of other Red Dirt musicians, go to her website on the 'Monica's music' and the 'links' 

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