Sunday, May 2, 2010

Red Dirt singer hurt at Calf Fry

Cross Canadian Ragweed. Courtesy
By ANDREA EGER World Staff Writer
Published: 5/1/2010  7:57 PM
Last Modified: 5/1/2010  8:02 PM

The lead singer of Cross Canadian Ragweed was seriously injured during a Friday night concert in Stillwater.

The Red Dirt band was forced to cancel a performance in Kansas City on Saturday because lead singer Cody Canada suffered a concussion after being struck in the head by a liquor bottle.

The incident occurred Friday night at the 19th annual Calf Fry “Testicle Festival” at the Tumbleweed Dance Hall and Concert Arena.

“We are sorry to let you all know that we are having to cancel our performance tonight at the Red Dirt BBQ in Kansas City due to an incident last night ... in which someone struck Cody in the head with a liquor bottle from the crowd,” reads a statement on the band’s web site. “Cody received a concussion and 20-plus stitches and the doctors have told him not (to) play.”

Cross Canadian Ragweed was formed in Yukon but got its start playing in Stillwater in the mid-1990s. The band has released seven studio albums and three live albums, according to its web site.

Cross Canadian Ragweed Due to the incident last night in Stillwater in which someone struck Cody in the head with a liquor bottle from the crowd we are having to cancel our show tonight in Kansas City. Cody received a concussion and 20+ stitches and the doctors told him not play. The Red Dirt BBQ is still going on with the other bands on the bill. We're sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for all the concern. We'll be back to play soon
Video from 2008 Calf Fry... throwin' pitchers...

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