Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Zig Gazette

April 8th 2010

Jim Ziegler, Scott Mariner, Michael Johnson, Jim Downing

Friday Special Event

at TNT's 21st and Memorial

This is a sort of a Zigs gig.

Three fourths of us will be there. And it's sort of an Oscillators reunion gig; because half of us will be there.

What it's called is "Out Of The Ordinary" (We joke that "Out" is the keyword here, but it's also extraordinary in it's own way.)

But what it is, that's something else altogether. We're starting to sound like the White Knight in Through The Looking Glass.

So here's the line-up: Mary (Fowler) King on incredible vocals, Valerie Meador on drums and vocals, Jim Ziegler on guitars, harmonicas and vocals, Jim Downing on keys and vocals and Mad Dog Johnson on bass, recorder, and vocals.

Mary, as you may recall, was the front-woman with The Oscillators for at least five years; as when they twice came in second in the local Blues Club contest and went on to Memphis. We did a couple of Smokehouse Blues shows from Joey's and appeared also on the KMOD morning show, and issued the Alsuma CD along about 1995. Mary had to quit the clubs due to health complications. She still not out of the woods on all that, so this is a rare opportunity to hear her in public.

We will be doing some tunes from the Oscillators catalog, some Zigs tunes, some newer country-flavored Valerie and Mary duets, and heaven knows what else we might pull out of the old hat.

Kat Daddy's

We did our second stint at Kat Daddy's, a really nice place in Arrowhead Mall in Muskogee. The décor is semi-posh and the food is very good, and the help really likes us.

Crowds are a little slow now, what with the economy not being so great in M-Town, but they are enthusiastic.

Blues fan and photographer Glenna Eisert was there both times and shot of few pics of us.

Also, this last weekend legendary Bartlesville drummer Dick Gagle sat in with us for about a whole set, both on drums and harmonica. He also plays the digeridoo, but we told him to leave that in the car.

Dick played with The Carpetbaggers, the original El Roacho, Sweney's Berzerko Band, Mel McDaniel, Xebec and Flying Horse, to name a few.

Happy birthday to us. Next month The Zig Gazette begins it's eight year. What a tremendous waste of time!

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