Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camille Harp - Calling all bodies!

Hey friends!   I won't be playing again until the end of July so come get your fix this weekend!!

Trying out a new venue this Friday night!  We need some people to help soak up the sound!  This Friday July 9th, Camille Harp & The Boys Next Door will be playing at The Brewhouse (Next door to Coach's) in Norman.  Music kicks off at 10pm.  Reeeeeally hope you can make it!  Spread the word to your other music loving friends!

And for all you Tulsa area peeps, I'll be playing with Greg Reichel and Ryan Dorman at Arnie's.  I'm excited about hitting the turnpike and playing on some new ground!  We'll start around 10pm.

Happy trails to you,

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