Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~herndon december news~

and Happy Holidays!
Hoping to see you at a show sometime soon...
Here's some news, 'til then.
New CD.   Still a few copies left of the new album, All Fall Down  :-)   And again, under the direction of Lloyd Maines and his golden ears, who says of it:  "looks great and sounds great."
Radio play.   Rich Warren, WFMT Chicago DJ and revered host of The Midnight Special out of Chicago, recommended the new CD All Fall Down in his "Rich's Picks" and played "The Bad Roads of Oklahoma" on his Saturday night show (apparently they have bad roads in Illinois too.)  It will eventually be on the national show sometime in late January or early February.  And we understand that John Wooley has been playing "Oklahoma Girl" on his great Saturday night show, Swing on This, on KWGS.  And we're told that Davit Souders is playing some of the new tunes on his cool Monday night show on RSU radio.  Thanks guys!
Press.   Speaking of John Wooley... he wrote a lovely article called "Home in Oklahoma" about the new album in this month's December issue of the beautiful Oklahoma Magazine.
Thanks to both John and to Oklahoma Magazine.
New Website.  ... is up and still under construction... but some of the new tunes are up and there's some other stuff on there and even a blog... more links and photos to add, and album info, and lyrics... it's a work in progress... Thanks to all who have visited and signed the guestbook, made comments on the blog, and signed up for the newsletter... otherwise, you know, it feels like a big vacuum out here in cyberspace.
CD Release Dates.   Still adding more and more dates to the calendar... this month, with special CD Releases in Bixby at Buster's Guitars and one in Kansas, Oklahoma at Hickory Tree House Concert.  The Tulsa CD Release will be on January 29th at the new Blue Rose Cafe.  More dates to be announced soon... We can't do this without you; and we wouldn't want to, so YOU COME, TOO! 
Buy the new CD.   ... It is the Holiday Season... you can purchase the CD at the website or at the online store  CDs are also available at Tulsa Violin Shop, and also, in Tulsa:  at Starship, Ida Reds, Mecca Coffee, Dwelling Spaces, (and many thanks to our very special distributor of lovers of savage sumptuous songs and also to those of you who have bought the new cd in bulk and delivered them one by one to a new home ... we love and appreciate you and we could not do this without you!)
(for dates without blurbage jump on down...)
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.  (401 South 3rd St, Muskogee.)  Thursday, 2 December, 7 pm.  with Emily Kaitz, Greg Jacobs, Tom Skinner.   This is the Music Begins With a Song Concert Series.  Hey, when it comes to songwriting, it doesn't get any better than Emily, Greg, and Tom.  I'm feeling pretty fortunate to be on the bill with these guys.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower.  (510 South Dewey, Bartlesville.)  Friday, 3 December, 8 pm.  In the Copper Bar with my band, the CherryPickers:  Stephen Rickey Lee and Michael Steed.  LoVe LOve lOvE the Price Tower!  Thank you Mr. Wright.  We love you, too.
Coaches Brewhouse.  (110 South Main, Norman.)  Saturday, 4 December, 10 pm.  with Camille Harp and the Damn Quails (Gabe Marshall and Bryon White).  This will be a big ol song swappin good Saturday night time!  Always a fun with Gabe and Bryon, and looking forward to playing with the lovely Camille-- we've been threatening for some time now to do a show together... You Come, Too! 
The Blue Door.  (2805 N. McKinley Ave, Oklahoma City.)  Sunday, 5 December, 7 pm.  This is the 20th Annual Woody Guthrie Tribute, featuring everybody!  $20. benefits the Blue Door Music Foundation. 
Buster's Guitars.  (12606 S. Memorial, Bixby.)  Sunday, 12 December, 3-5 pm.  The very first in the new, Buster's Guitars Concert Series.  Go to:   Call for reservations:  918-369-3573  This is great guitarist, Bill Guinn's wonderful store who is hosting this event.  We'll have CDs and guitars for sale, too ;-)
Hickory Tree House Concerts.  (Illinois River at Fiddler's Bend near Kansas, Oklahoma, 74347.)  Sunday, 19 December, 2 pm.  Potluck buffet begins at 1 pm.  Go to: for more information.  This will be a special CD Release and first time here, at Kathy and Steve's beautiful place. For reservations:
McNellies.  (409 E. 1st St, Tulsa.)  Tuesday, 14 December.  A private holiday party... but you know... you might, say, put your Santa suit on and bring some elves and stop in with some gifts... i'm sure no one will turn you away. 
Rick's Cafe Americain.  (31st and Harvard, Tulsa.)  Tuesdays, 6:30 pm (except for the 14th)  My home away from home...  the world will always welcome lovers... as time goes by...  AND, the only intersection in Tulsa without any road construction (...knock on wood...)
French Hen.  (71st and Yale, Tulsa.)  Fridays and/or Saturdays when i'm in Tulsa, 7 pm.
J'adore toujours La Poule Francaise... quand je suis en ville j'y suis la... pour jouer des chansons francaises, manger de la bonne nourriture, et boire du bon vin!
all locations Tulsa and Oklahoma unless otherwise noted...
Thursday, 2 December:  Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame/Muskogee
Friday, 3 December:  Price Tower/Bartlesville
Saturday, 4 December:  Coaches BrewHouse/Norman
Sunday, 5 December:  The Blue Door/Oklahoma City
Tuesday, 7 December:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Sunday, 12 December:  Buster's Guitars/Bixby
Tuesday, 14 December:  McNellie's/private party
Sunday, 19 December:  Hickory Tree House Concert/Kansas, Oklahoma
Tuesday, 21 December:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Friday, 31 December:  French Hen
Saturday, 22 January:  Fred's Texas Cafe/Ft Worth, Texas 
Saturday, 29 January:  The Blue Rose Cafe

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