Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camille Harp

Hey Folks....Here's the week's update!..

Friday night, 9/24, I'll be opening for Green Corn Revival for their release of "Say You're A Sinner".  I'll be joining them with Siren and Little League Hero for a great night of Okie music at THE OPOLIS in Norman. 9pm

Saturday, I'll be in Talequah at the ILLINOIS RIVER JAM.  There's music all day at Peyton's Place Friday and Saturday.  I'll be performing a set with Ali Harter and Carter Sampson. Following is Penny Hill.  YAY OKIE GALS! :) Go here for tickets and more info on the artists performing...  We'd love for you to join us!

****Next weekend, for all you Sooner Fans who're unable to go to OU/TX (& non-Sooner fans welcome, too), come to THE DELI in Norman on Saturday Oct. 2nd for a jam with us!  We'll have some of my favorite people playing with lots of switchouts to keep it interesting!  The downbeat is at 10:30pm.

Til we meet again,

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