Saturday, February 26, 2011

Herndon dates/YOU COME TOO!


It's Dukes Country Kitchen in South Tulsa tonight, 9 to Midnight
with the CherryPickers....

(and February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March)

YOU Come on Down
and let's celebrate
the coming of SPRING
or something
or anything!
So hope
to see you there
or somewhere,
so here's
where we'll be
in this coming month.

Love and all great Good to YOU,


all locations Tulsa and Oklahoma unless otherwise noted...

Thursday, 24 February: 
Friday, 25 February: 
Saturday, 26 February: 
Sunday, 27 February: 
Good Folk Productions/Fayetteville, Arkansas
Tuesday, 1 March: 
Rick's Cafe Americain
Thursday, 3 March: 
Fred's Texas Cafe/Ft Worth, Texas
Friday, 4 March: 
Underwood Center/Lubbock, Texas
Saturday, 5 March: 
Barking Rocks Winery/Granbury, Texas
Tuesday, 8 March: 
Rick's Cafe Americain
Friday, 11 March: 
Blue Rose Cafe
Saturday, 12 March: 
Second Saturday House Concert/Pryor
Sunday, 13 March: 
Joseph's Birthday Bash/Addison, Texas
Wednesday, 14 March: 
SxSArtz/Austin, Texas
Tuesday, 22 March: 
Rick's Cafe Americain
Wednesday, 23 March: 
Saturday, 26 March: 
Sunday, 27 March: 
The Chouse/Norman
Tuesday, 29 March: 
Rick's Cafe Americain
Thursday, 31 March: 

Duke's.  (105th and Memorial, Bixby.)  Saturday, 26 February, 9 pm.  With the CherryPickers~  Stephen Rickey Lee and Michael Steed.    New venue, so you know the drill, come on out and be on your best behaviour.  It's Dukes Country Kitchen-- so there's good food too, drinks, and then maybe a good country brawl afterwards...

Good Folk Productions House Concerts.
  (229 N. Block, Fayetteville, Arkansas.)  Sunday, 27 February, 7 pm.
With Tom Skinner.
   This is Mike Shirkey's great concert listening hall, he also hosts a radio show there, "The Pickin' Post" in the beautiful Regnat Populus state.  For more info, go to:

Rick's Cafe Americain.
(31st and Harvard, Tulsa.)  Tuesdays, 6:30.  i'll just keep on saying it, because it's all true...  Here's lookin at you, kid  ;-)  My home away from home...  the world will always welcome lovers... as time goes by...  AND, the only intersection in Tulsa without any road construction (...knock on wood...)

Fred's Texas Cafe.
(915 Currie Street, Ft Worth, Texas.)  Thursday, 3 March, 7 pm.
I'll have a special guest with me on this evening... you'll just have to come out to find out...

Songwriter Conversations.
(Underwood Center, Lubbock, Texas.)  Friday, 4 March, 7 pm.
Stories and songs and the stories behind the songs, hosted by my dear friend, songwriter, archivist, and artist, Andy Wilkinson.  Guest appearance by Buddy Holly.

Barking Rocks Winery. 
(1919 Allen Ct, Granbury, Texas.)  Saturday, 5 March, 3 pm.
It's a long way back from Lubbock... so stopping off at this winery for some songs and refreshment... for more info and to sign up for their newsletter, go to:

Blue Rose Cafe. 
(21st and Riverside, Tulsa.)  Friday, 11 March, 9 pm.  With the CherryPickers.
"Oklahomans and Texans and Arkansas travelers, lay all of your worries away, and meet me tonight where the road meets the light, at the Blue Rose Cafe"  (~John Hadley)

Second Saturday House Concerts.  (, Pryor.)  Saturday, 12 March, 7:30 pm.
A new concert series!  Come out come out wherever you are!  Contact the above email address and be there or be a hexagon!

Joseph's Birthday Bash!  (Addison, Texas.)  Sunday, 13 March.

Joseph is so great-- if you were a party-crasher, he'd probably just be thrilled that you were there.  Happy Birthday, Joseph! 

(2330 South Lamar, Austin, Texas.)  Wednesday, 16 March, 6:20 pm.
At Artz Ribhouse, hosted by the dashing, Paul Barker, this is a showcase during SXSW.  It's "unofficial", but hey, it also doesn't cost 800 dollars a ticket and there's some great BBQ to go with.

The Canebrake. 
(33241 East 732nd Road, Wagoner. Wednesday, 23 March, 7 pm.
Good Music, Hot Yoga, Sweet Camaraderie, Delicious Dinner, Beautiful Accommodations-- what more could you ask for. 

.)  Saturday, 26 March, 9 pm.  With the CherryPickers.
I'm sure if you just show up in Enid-- you'll be able to find your way to this place... anyway, that's what i'm gonna do because i can't seem to find an address at this time... but once we get there it'll be a whopping good time!

The Chouse.
(717 West Boyd, Norman.)  Sunday, 27 March, 7 pm.  With Tom Skinner and Terry 'Buffalo' Ware.
My very favourite of all places to play-- it's a church, it's a house, with our wonderful friends and family and animals and food and drink and love and light and laughter and music and songs and and and...  the lovely Mary Katherine hosts this event and we can't wait!
French Hen.   (71st and Yale, Tulsa.)  Fridays and/or Saturdays when i'm in Tulsa, 7 pm.  J'adore toujours La Poule Francaise... quand je suis en ville j'y suis la... pour jouer des chansons francaises, manger de la bonne nourriture, et boire du bon vin!

Quantum Leap.  (104 South 2nd Street, Okemah.)  Thursday, 31 March, 8 pm.  This is a new music night and jam at the BrickStreet in my home town.  We had a lovely time this past Thursday.  Come on out, bring an instrument and play some tunes!

For further info, go to:   

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