Friday, February 11, 2011

Kevin Pickett and Southern Rain

Country / Red Dirt / Southern Rock
Members: Kevin Pickett, Steven Gibson, Jason "frog" Hanan, James Purdy, Jimmy Stromberg

I swear we're gonna try to keep up with this in 2011.  Tomorrow 2/12/11 we will be at the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis, OK.


For tickets go to


March 31st we need all the bodies we can get to come out to the Wormy Dog Saloon in Bricktown, OKC.  Its a Thursday but the show ends at midnight so you can still get a little sleep if you need to. 


We are in the process of getting new merch in for 2011 - we already have beanies in stock and get some other stuff on the way.


If you haven't got your copy of the LIVE CD/DVD then get that asap.  Also pick up a copy of the acoustic album at the merch table. 


My 1st Annual Acoustic 4 Autism is coming up fast - April 16th - Brandon Jenkins is the headliner.


Keep up with us on youtube as we will be posting videos throughout the recording of our new record.  We're at  a new studio, with a new producer, we've added some organ/piano to the band.  This collection of songs are the best i've ever written and the band is playing better that ever.  SO - if all goes to plan then we will be putting out a great record with a fresh sound to it. 


Cant tell you enough how disappointed I am in the state of this "Texas/Red Dirt" music.  It's turning into pop music folks - I'm not gonna drop any names but some of the biggest acts on the scene just dont get me wrong, there are still some killer bands out there but use your mellon when you buy records would you.  That rock-n-roll soul is missing and we need to get it back by supporting that bands that are real.  See in Nashville there are teams of guys sitting around doing their best to write songs that appeal to the most amount of people and the tailor those songs to a singer......its all a mind fuck.  That same sort of thing is taking place in our scene.  Bands have seen success (money) on some shitty pop song that blew up so now they try to write like that.....pop music is money and money ruins music....... but a band can make money and real music if they want to.  Just turn off your fuckin radio and get some music that moves is very rare that there is any real music on the radio.  If you need some names of artists to check out then drop me a line and i'll fix you up......the real treasures in music are gaurded and sacred to those of us that have found it.  You dont need to look to your buddy to see if something is cool or not......close your eyes and listen and you will know.........I'm not trying to sell you my band...........I'm a fan of music and I want real music to shine through.  Just think "can i listen to this song in 20 years and still feel it and get it" most cases if the ansewer is no then its because its POP music, music of right now.....something to sell. the box


Come see us....................peace.............KP

The Arbuckle Ballroom Davis, OK Sat Feb 12 11 08:00 PM Tickets
Wall Street Duncan, OK Sat Feb 26 11 08:00 PM Tickets
Wormy Dog Saloon Oklahoma City, OK Thu Mar 31 11 08:00 PM Tickets

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