Thursday, February 3, 2011

Susan Herndon

Yes, it's a new Ice Age in America,
yes, it's 10 degrees below zero and there's 14 inches of snow on the ground 
yes, the roads might be impassable...
there's music to be made and people to see and things in life to celebrate
(not to mention i'm just a little stircrazy...)
We hope to see you this weekend if you're in Tulsa, Bartlesville, or Norman~
and elsewhere this month.  Be careful out there.
We love you!

CD Release.  We're ON for this Saturday night, 5 February, at the brand new Blue Rose Cafe in Tulsa-- and for the following day, Sunday, 6 February, at the warm and beautiful Chouse in Norman... YOU Come, TOO... scroll down for details.
New Video.  Here again is this video of the song, "Land of the Living" off the new album.  To watch it, you can go to:  Thanks again to Casey Friedman, (creator of Acoustic Oklahoma,) who made the video and to Ron Ferrell who created the Eco-House setting.

All Fall Down.  You can pick up the new CD at our shows.  It's also available at the following locations:  Pamela's Flowers in Okemah, Oklahoma, LaDonna's Fancy Foods in Tulsa, and in Tulsa at Whole Foods, Tulsa Violin Shop, at Starship, Ida Reds, Mecca Coffee, and atDwelling Spaces.  You can also purchase the CD at the website or at the online store, or at  More locations to come

all locations Tulsa and Oklahoma unless otherwise noted...

Friday, 4 February:  Price Tower/Bartlesville
Saturday, 5 February:  Blue Rose Cafe/CD RELEASE/Tulsa
Sunday, 6 February:  The Chouse/CD RELEASE/Norman
Tuesday, 8 February:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Saturday, 12 February:  Cedar Ridge/Broken Arrow
Sunday, 13 February:  Celebrity Club
Monday, 14 February:  French Hen
Tuesday, 15 February:  Rick's Cafe Americain
Thursday, 17 February:  FA/Memphis, Tennessee
Friday, 18 February:  FA/Memphis, Tennessee
Thursday, 24 February:  BrickStreet/Okemah
Friday, 25 February:  Othello's/Norman
Thursday, 3 March:  Fred's Texas Cafe/Ft Worth, Texas
Friday, 4 March:  Songwriter Conversations/Lubbock, Texas
Saturday, 12 March:  Second Saturday House Concert/Pryor
Sunday, 13 March:  Joseph's Birthday Party/Addison, Texas
Wednesday, 16 March:  SXSArtZ/Austin, Texas

Price Tower.  (510 South Dewey Ave, Bartlesville.)  Friday, 4 February, 7 pm.  With Tom Skinner; and with the CherryPickers~ Stephen Lee and Michael Steed.  First Friday Concert Series in the Copper Bar of Frank Lloyd Wright's beautiful Inn.  The Bruce Goff exhibit is also running.  And then, a slumber party after we play!  So many reasons to attend.  We're on our way right now... 

The Blue Rose.  (21st and Riverside, Tulsa.)  Saturday, 5 February, 8:30 pm.  With the CherryPickers~ Stephen Rickey Lee and Michael Steed, and with Tom Skinner, and Jack Abraham.  This is our CD RELEASE in Tulsa and at the Blue Rose which is spectacular and overlooking the Arkansas River.  We were originally scheduled for last weekend, but they weren't open yet.

The Chouse.
  (717 West Boyd, Norman.)  Sunday, 6 February, 7 pm.  With Terry 'Buffalo' Ware, Tom Skinner, and with the CherryPickers.  CD RELEASE!  The wonderful wonderful Chouse always proves to be a special evening.  (It is the Super- something... Bowl, is it?  If you're die-hard, Mary Katherine tells me, it'll be on in the kitchen.)  

The Celebrity Club.  (31st and Yale, Tulsa.)  Sunday, 13 February, 5 pm.  With the CherryPickers.  It's the Time of the Season... for Love... a special show for Valentine's... or not-- come on even if you have no valentine!

Rick's Cafe Americain.  (31st and Harvard, Tulsa.)  Tuesdays, 6:30.  Here's lookin at you, kid  ;-)  My home away from home...  the world will always welcome lovers... as time goes by...  AND, the only intersection in Tulsa without any road construction (...knock on wood...)

International Folk Alliance.
  (250 North Main Street, Memphis, TN.)  Wednesday-Saturday, 16-20, February.   Music and song all day and all night long.  We have a few seats left in our carload-full driving out to Memphis.  You come, too!
French Hen.   (71st and Yale, Tulsa.)  Fridays and/or Saturdays when i'm in Tulsa, 7 pm and this month on Valentine's Day-- 14 February.   J'adore toujours La Poule Francaise... quand je suis en ville j'y suis la... pour jouer des chansons francaises, manger de la bonne nourriture, et boire du bon vin!
Quantum Leap.  (104 South 2nd Street, Okemah.)  Thursday, 24 February, 7 pm.  We got cancelled last month due to inclement weather, but we're on again this month.  With Evan Felker, and Tom Skinner.  This is the start of a new music night and jam at the BrickStreet in my home town.  We'll kick it off with two of my very favorite songwriters.  Felker of the Turnpike Troubadours and Skinner of the Science Project and other such astro-sub-atomic exploits.

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