Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monica Taylor House Concerts

~Farm girl journal & Barn concert with John Fullbright~

Howdee, friends and neighbors!

We've been enjoying the snow here in the Cimarron Valley this last week… can't say I had cabin fever, though. Every day I donned my lovely (well… dirty) coveralls, old mud boots, and warm gloves and went for hour-long runs in the snow at night!  A friend was snowed in with me for three days and we had a wonderful time!  Beef stew, pot roast, cornbread… woodstove fire, hot most of the time, good music and stories.  And I did NOT have a gig so I could relax and enjoy hibernating like the big, woolly bear I felt like in all my layers and coveralls I wore pert near the whole last 5 days!  Oops, I still have 'em on… they're awfully dirty from the charred wood and ashes from m' Birmingham woodstove.  It's nice to share these kinds of days with a friend- days that are 'given' to us spontaneously!  The moon shone on the snow so brightly that it felt like nighttime was actually brighter than the daytime!

The Cimarron Valley Barn concert series, February 6th with John Fullbright!

Well, friends I just wanted to give you an idea of life here in the north central part of Oklahoma, near the Cimarron river, in a barn house that is nestled about 50 pecan trees… and a couple of thousand pecan trees just to my west about a hundred yards away. 

Now, I want to invite those of you in the area to my home this Saturday night, February 6th for a 7pm 'barnhouse concert' with one of Oklahoma's best crafters of songs:  John Fullbright. 

This Okemah, OK boy is not only from Woody Guthrie's hometown, but he is a songwriter of songs that Woody would have sat down and listened to… he would have loved the way John puts the stories he sees, reads, hears about with melodies.  His smart-writing makes a person forget who is sitting next to them.  The listener becomes one of the characters or a bystander in the tales of love and country folks… and so many other subjects.  He also writes like Dylan or Townes with line after line sounding like a different trail- converging back with a well-crafted line that makes you grin and shake your head.  Young Fullbright is also one of the saltiest of musicians you will find.  His accordion, piano, harmonica, guitar playing are respected by all who hear him play; and by other artists (myself included.) You will hear him play instruments with other artists at many of the shows and festivals and just be amazed!

I love John's singing.  He soars and warbles- the audiences are thrown into quite a tizzy, my dears… (grin) He will be performing at the North American Folk Alliance Conference this year for many showcases, gatherings … he will also be singing a couple of Dylan's older tunes (along with Jimmy Lafave) as Bob Dylan is inducted into the NAFA Folk Music Hall of Fame.  Pretty cool!  I'll be there cheering him on!

Seats left for concert…

I have room for only about 15 more people in my home so please email or phone me in the next few days to let me know you would like to attend.  Here's my home and cell numbers, respectively:   405-547-2730 and 405-612-3183 

Suggested donation for this Cimarron Valley Barn concert is $10-15 a person.  It will be a potluck dinner, too, if you'd like to bring a dish! And as always, we'll do some pickin' afterwards till the wee hours.  If you need a place to stay, Stillwater is just 10 minutes away.  

John has just been signed up to become an artist on Jimmy Lafave's record label, Music Road Records out of Austin, TX.  A brand new cd is in the works as we speak with John at Cedar Creek Studios.  This is where I recorded 3 songs for my new CD, Cotton Shirt, with Jimmy's band this summer… as well as a duet with Jimmy.  So, it's a family thing… I am looking forward to Saturday night and hosting m' dear friend Mr. Fullbright! 

Let me know if you would like to come to the concert!

Ya'll take care and stay warm!    Love from a red dirt girl,    Monica Taylor

  You need to listen to his songs… again.

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