Friday, February 5, 2010

When Taylor Swift sang with one of the best female artist Stevie Nicks....

Truth hurts but someone has to say it… that was not right at all to arrange Stevie Nicks  to sing with dookie Taylor Swift.  Poor Stevie   

There was a TV show about a grandpa who refused to accept the truth that he was dead. So, his family thought of a way to convince him to leave.  During breakfast as theirgrandpa sat down to eat, he began to pepper his food and the lid fell into his plate, dumping all the black pepper. When he finished sneezing, he saw his deteriorating nose still in the napkin and that is when he realized he had no choice but to go away.
When Taylor Swift sang with one of the best female artist  Stevie Nicks,  I believe Taylor and her management realized  it’s time  to leave and take her white trash  ‘queer hooch chi coo dance ’ off stage.    Stevie Nicks was the pepper in Taylor and her management’s noses.    Although she has some believing the world is flat, some Americans are ill from her off key voice that continues to HOG the awards that she does not deserve and look forward to her leaving for good.  Sorry Taylor fans but she is not a real singer and the world is not flat.

With or with you, I  support time for talent and absolutely thrilled to hear about  bands  in the USA music world like Jason Boland and the Stragglers…thank goodness there is evidence that talent does exist; JBS is a must see display & demonstration from a handsome,  A-Z multi-music talented group.  Stoney Larue’s laudable voice alone is like an entire angelic choir and his Arsenal band provides the brawn.  Brandon Jenkins is one of the supreme song writers and his voice is invincible.  This is the talent that music is all about…it’s the connection of each person having the kinship to a distinctive group while remaining an individual being.  While everyone is living in a Taylor Swift flat world, JBS, Stoney Larue & the Arsenals, and Brandon Jenkins…are 100% USA home grown ships sailing a round world.   Hide and watch babeeJBSStoney Larueand Brandon Jenkins are the crackle that is in the simmer to a WELL DONE, SIZZLING hot show.

Thank you for your time and I apologize if you have a blackberry screen. 

PJ Moore
#1 Oklahoma Red Dirt Music Cheerleader

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