Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Note from Jim Downing

Tulsa Musicians

Note from Jim Downing

I have been approached by a reputable publisher about writing a book on the history of Tulsa Music.

I explained that my personal knowledge only goes back about 50 years, but they said that should be adequate; that's quite a large scope.

My problem is that these books are mostly pictures. They are requesting that I gather about 200 high-quality photographs, or images scanned to their high specifications.

And that is the hitch. Even Teb Blackwell, who is doing the Oklahoma Bands and Discography book, doesn't have that many pictures, and many of them are not of the quality this publisher requires.

So I'm sending out this inquiry to Tulsa musicians on the Gazette mailing list. Do any of you have quality prints of old Tulsa bands? Do you know of anyone who might have an archive of such? I would be responsible for borrowing these and sending them back after the publisher scans them.

Please reply to this address.



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