Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nick Gibson

Howdy guys!

Well, things have been super hectic around here! I've been super busy writing songs, trying to get enough material ready to be able to start thinking about working on a new album! I know alot of you guys have been asking when we're gonna come out with a new one...and all I can say is...I don't know! Haha! The writing process for this next album is going to be different from the first one...I wanna make sure the next album is very much "me" and so I'm being picky about it! :) Just bare with me guys!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last month! It's always good to get together with the family and have a few days to just hang out!

Christmas is this week! Yay! :) I know everyone is excited about that! The band is off this weekend, however I am playing a few acoustic gigs this week, so I wanted to let everyone know!

Wednesday, December 23rd I'll be playing a solo acoustic show at Crow Creek Tavern in Tulsa, OK starting at 9pm! Crow Creek is a regular acoustic gig for me, so if you guys are in the Tulsa area on the 23rd, c'mon out and hang with me! Crow Creek is at 36th and Peoria, so I hope to see some of you guys there!

Then Friday, December 25th I'll be playing a solo acoustic show at...Crow Creek Tavern! Haha! They asked me if I wanted to play a Christmas show and so I said heck yeah! If you guys are gonna be around and done with the family stuff, then come out and have some fun with me! :) I'll start at 9pm again! See you guys on Christmas!

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, on Saturday, December 26th I'm playing with a bunch of friends from back in the day at the Flytrap Music Hall in Tulsa, OK for the Family Reunion Show 2009! I'm playing solo acoustic along with Andy Skib, Bryan Jewett, Josh Center, Robby Merrick, and a whole bunch more! So definitely come out to that show! I believe the show starts at 7pm, so get there early and come see a bunch of friends pickin' and grinnin'!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and hopefully I'll see some of you at one (or all) of the shows this week!

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Nikki said...

WOOOOOO!!!! :D See ya this weekend!