Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Camille Harp

Hello my friends!  I enjoyed the weekend off last week but no rest for the weary...time to get back to work!!  :)

This Friday night after Thanksgiving, I will be playing with some friends of mine in Ardmore at Two Frogs.  Aaron and Josh Vaughan have invited me to open for them and I am so excited to get to play with them!  It's been a long time!  Show is at 9pm.

Saturday night, I return to my favorite little joint in Bricktown, JJ's Alley!  It seems I've been quite the regular there lately! ;)  Come join me in the cozy little spot for a night of song, spirits and socializing!  Live music starts daily at 6:30pm for happy hour.  I go on at 10pm for happiest hour!

Hope everyone has a happy and tasty Thanksgiving!  Safe travels!


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