Friday, November 13, 2009

Grooms’ New Album Out Today!

Grooms - Rejoicer
Grooms release the newest album, Rejoicer, today. The album was recorded at Civil Defense Studio in Brooklyn, New York and mixed at Rare Book Room.
DOWNLOAD: Grooms - “Dreamsucker”
You can purchase the album on iTunes, InSound or your local independent music store.
“Highly recommended for fans of 90s era-Sonic Youth and a must see live. They have a bunch of CMJ shows coming up, so if you happen to be attending this year’s festival, make sure you get to see the band that everyone will be talking about.” - InSound
“…a fascinating, sometimes schizophrenic dialogue between experimental noise and songwriter pop…” - Dusted
“Sonically innovative, Rejoicer certainly knows how to rock hard from time to time, but also contains plenty of intellectual appeal. And though Sonic Youth may be the easy comparison, the emotions here are far more raw and less analytical. In other words, the music is more personal. There’s a lot of sadness in the poignantly titled Rejoicer.” - Radio Flyer Review

Tracklisting after the jump.
01 - Dreamsucker
02 - Thumbs
03 - At the Pool
04 - Fag Feels Good
05 - Acid King of Hell (Guitar Feelings)
06 - Ghost Cat
07 - She-Bears
08 - C.J.
09 - Kier
10 - The Nights Were Walls (We Climbed Them All)

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