Thursday, November 19, 2009

Susan Herndon

And, a Happy Holidays to You!
Playing at the new Calistoga tomorrow night, Friday, 20 November, at the Jenks Riverwalk Crossing-- Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are! 
And here are our dates for the upcoming weeks,
(Pretty sure about everything... except for, maybe just a few dates that might be tentative... but then, all things in life, you know, may be tentative too, that is, until they really happen...
So... call and make your reservations for French Hen in Tulsa, Oklahoma, if that's your heart's desire, and still waiting to get the confirmation on the brand new, great music hall, the Blue Onion in Norman, Oklahoma.)
Hope to see you, and wishing you all the best most wonderful things!
(for dates without blurbage, scroll down...) 
Calistoga.   (300 River Walk Terrace Suite 280 74037 Jenks, OK.)  Friday, 20 November & 18 December, 8 pm.   Brand New 'joint' brought to you by the owners of Ciao on Brookside.  Delicious food, great drinks, it's beautiful, to boot.  Come out, bring your friends and family, we'll celebrate this holiday season... or come alone and get away from too much togetherness.
Big Fish.  (414 South Main, Grapevine, Texas.)  Saturday, 21 November, 5 December, & Wednesday, 16 December, 7 pm.  Turning into my home away from home, thanks to family and friends there-- you know who you are :-)  Hope to see you this time around. 
I'm the live bait in the window on Main...
Artz Rib House.  (2330 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas.)  Monday, 23 November, 8:30 pm.  First time here, a showcase in the middle of the regularly performing artist.  Supposed to have great BBQ... just wondering, do they have any barbequed wheat gluten?  
Crescent Moon.  (440 Rayford Road, # 115, Spring, Texas.)  Tuesday, 24 November, 7:30 pm.   North of Houston, East of the Woodlands.  And it doesn't matter if there's a full moon or a half moon or a quarter moon, we'll still be there.  Had a great time last month-- in spite of tornado warnings, too!
Grape Ranch.  (6 miles south of I-40 and Okemah, OK.)  Sunday, 13 December, 1 pm.  Not the Apple Ranch, not the Cherry Ranch, not the Whole Wheat Ranch-- the Grape Ranch!  Which means, there's wine.  It's their Singer-Songwriter series, so there might be some whine, too. 
Good Day Tulsa.  (Channel 8/Tulsa.)  Tuesday, 1 December, 9 am.   It's Mayfest time again!  Okay, well, in about 6 months it is.  But now's the time to apply for it.  Will be playing a few tunes.  And Heather Pingry, Executive Director of Mayfest, will be there to talk about Tulsa's great award winning international festival.
Crow Creek Tavern.  (3534 South Peoria Ave, Tulsa.)  Tuesday, 1, 15, & 29 December, 8:30 pm.   We are having a great time for this, our Songwriter Night/Musician Jam.  So many great songs, great songwriters, and fantastic musicians from in and around Tulsa.  Thanks to all for coming out to share your songs, and to all who are coming out to share in listening!  MwaahH!  (that's a cyber-kiss, in case you don't know)  You come, too!  And bring your instrument! 
Blue Onion.  (24th Ave SW just south of Lindsey, Norman, OK.)  Friday, 4 December.
New old Place in Norman!  New old Music Venue!  New and old Tunes!     This is still just a bit tentative, but we've got our fingers crossed, and we're hoping that our friend, Travis, who's endeavour this is, will give us the go ahead.  In which case, it will be with my band, the CherryPickers.  And with special guest, Tom Skinner.
Price Tower.  (510 South Dewey Ave, Bartlesville, OK.)  Friday, 11 December, 7 pm.
One of my very favorite places to play.  We've been having a great time here, in the Copper Bar at the top of Frank Lloyd Wright's only skyscraper, in the heart of downtown B-ville.  With all of my Bartian friends (did ya know, that's what a Bartlesvillian is called???)
French Hen.  (7143 South Yale Ave, Tulsa.) Saturday, 19 & 26 December, 7 pm.  Okay, another one of my very favorite places to play, to eat, and to drink, and to visit with good friends.  The most gracious of people, the Clark's and wonderful chef, Richard Clark, welcome me here on Saturday nights, when I'm in town.  You come, too!
Friday, 20 November:  Calistoga/Jenks, Oklahoma
Saturday, 21 November:  Big Fish/Grapevine, Texas
Monday, 23 November:  Artz Rib House/Austin, Texas
Tuesday, 24 November:  Crescent Moon/Spring, Texas
Saturday, 28 November:  private party
Sunday, 29 November:  Grape Ranch/Okemah, Oklahoma
Tuesday, 1 December:  Good Day Tulsa/Channel 8/Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tuesday, 1 December:  Crow Creek Tavern/Tulsa, Oklahoma
Friday, 4 December:  Blue Onion/w/ the CherryPickers/Norman,Oklahoma
Saturday, 5 December:  Big Fish/Grapevine, Texas
Friday, 11 December:  Price Tower/Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Saturday, 12 December:  private party/with my band, the CherryPickers
Sunday, 13 December:  Grape Ranch/Okemah, Oklahoma
Tuesday, 15 December:  Crow Creek Tavern/Tulsa, Oklahoma
Wednesday, 16 December:  Big Fish/Grapevine, Texas
Friday, 18 December:  Calistoga/Jenks, Oklahoma
Saturday, 26 December:  French Hen/Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tuesday, 29 December:  Crow Creek Tavern/Tulsa, Oklahoma
Saturday, 9 January:  Barker House Concerts/Austin, Texas

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