Getting Online Radio Play 

“In this business, the first rule is, never act out of desperation, because there is always
someone out there looking to sucker you.” - Kevin Czinger, Volcano Entertainment Founder

How to Get Your Music Played on Online Radio Stations - Quickly 

Independent musicians quickly come to realize that commercial radio exposure is an unlikely prospect, and instead concentrate their efforts on online radio stations. Their audiences may be smaller, but they are generally more open to independent music. But like their commercial counterparts, most of them get plenty of material from new artists and they have a lot to choose from. Though the competition can still be tough, there are things you can do to improve your chances.

 Step 1 - Visit an online radio station database website to search for stations compatible with your music. Live 365 offers links to over 6000 stations. You can search by genre and each listing will have contact information as well as a link to the station’s website.

Step 2 - Study the websites of those stations that interest you, and read their play lists. If you can see your music sitting comfortably alongside the names on the play lists, then put the station on your submission shortlist.

Step 3 - Send emails to the contact persons of the stations on your list, politely asking if you can send them your music for airplay consideration. Be sure to address them by name, and let them know that you’re familiar with their format. This will show that you’ve done a little homework, and aren’t just sending out blanket emails to every station out there.

Step 4 - Promptly mail your CD to any station that responds favorably to your query. Mail it in a padded envelope marked “Requested Material” along with a brief bio, photo and one-sheet. The one-sheet should be a basic overview of your CD with track names and their running times, along with a word or two about any standout tracks. Include a brief, personalized cover letter and remind them of your previous correspondence.

 Step 5 - Keep records of all submissions so you can send follow-up emails and keep track of your airplay. Remember these stations will have multiple submissions to review, so wait a couple of weeks before getting in touch again. When you do, be brief and courteous, and ask if the CD arrived and if there are any plans to add it to the rotation.

Step 6 - Monitor the playlists of all stations that you submit your music to. It’s up to you to keep track of any airtime you receive.

Step 7 - After airplay, thank the station for their support, and ask if there’s anything you can do to support the station. Whether it’s playing at a benefit show, or sending extra CDs for use as giveaways during fundraisers, anything that furthers the relationship will bode well for future airplay.