Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mama Sweet

Hello friends,

Have you been keeping an eye on my blog @ I've
been adding video clips & trying to keep up with it a lil better.
Check it out!

So, to this weekend...

Thursday night, I am playing at Willies in Stillwater, OK with my
friends Gabe Marshall & Blake Lennon. We call ourselves Buffalo
Family & will start @ 10.

Friday night, we are at The Deli in Norman, OK. There is no opener.
It is all us & we hope to see a ton of you there to rock it out old
school with us! We are really excited and promise to make it a lot of

Saturday night, we are supposed to be at JT's Cowtown in Shawnee, OK,
but there has been some confusion about this show. So, I'm not sure
it is going to pan out. Keep an eye on twitter (Mama_Sweet), myspace,
& facebook to find out what happens.

That's all I've got for now.

I can't thank you all enough,

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